Fanteam 1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis

1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis: After an exciting week with more games than usual, we are ready to present the statistical analysis. In this article, we will present the key facts and statistics of the Fanteam 1M PL Season game from gameweek 25!

Gameweeks 25: Team scores

This week we naturally saw scores that are slightly higher than normal. This was expected since it was a double gameweek for two teams, Southampton and Leeds.

The range of our scores was again higher than usual, with very many being left behind, and a very large percentage of teams scoring between 80-115 points.

  • Best team of Gameweek 25: 115 points
  • Average Score of Gameweek 25: 67.6 points
  • Top 10% threshold for Gameweek 25: 90 points
  • Top 25% threshold for Gameweek 25: 82 points

Gameweek 25: Top players

Let’s see below how some key players performed this week. The X-axis on the chart visualizes the player’s price, while on the Y-axis the points scored on Gameweek 25. The size of the bubble shows how popular each player is. The top-left quadrant is where the best picks of the week lie (cheap and high-scoring), while on the bottom-right we find the underachievers (expensive and low-scoring).

Top fantasy scorers for Gameweek 25

  1. Stuart Dallas (5.0M – DEF): 14 Fantasy Points – 7.860 teams (31.31%)
  2. Harvey Barnes (7.7M – MID): 12 Fantasy Points – 1.548 teams (6.17%)
  3. Bruno Fernandes (11.6M – MID): 11 Fantasy Points – 17.930 teams (71.43%)
  4. Ilan Meslier (4.5M – GK): 11 Fantasy Points – 8.688 teams (34.61%)
  5. Raphinhia (5.9M – MID): 11 Fantasy Points – 6.349 teams (25.29%)

Gameweek 25: How teams lined up

Top captains for Gameweek 25

1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis top captains

With Leeds and Southampton playing a Double Gameweek, we were expecting high captainship %s for players from these teams. Not surprisingly, Bamford was the most popular captain with almost 4 out of 10 teams choosing him. In total, Leeds and Southampton accounted for about 59% of the captainship selections.

Beyond them, Fernandes was the only superstar with more than 10% selection, with Salah, Sterling, Kane, Son following him. 

Top transfers before Gameweek 25

In a season-long game like this, one of the biggest factors of each team is the transfers they make and which players are bought or sold over the season.

Below we have listed the 5 most popular purchases and sales for the two weeks:

Most Purchased Players before Gameweek 25

  1. Danny Ings (7.6M – FWD): 3.406 teams (13.57%)
  2. Raphinha (5.9M – MID): 3.179 teams (12.66%)
  3. Patrick Bamford (7.1M – DEF): 2.880 teams (11.47%)
  4. Stuart Dallas (5.0M – DEF): 1.741 teams (6.94%)
  5. Harry Kane (11.4M – FWD): 571 teams (2.27%)

Most Sold Players before Gameweek 25

  1. Michail Antonio (6.1M – FWD): 2.169 teams (8.64%)
  2. Tomas Soucek (5.4M – MID): 1.494 teams (5.95%)
  3. Callum Wilson (7.0M – FWD): 1.174 teams (3.84%)
  4. Dominic Calvert-Lewin (8.4M – FWD): 1.107 teams (3.83%)
  5. Jack Grealish (7.3M – MID): 777 teams (3.1%)

Transfers overview for Gameweek 25

Another important part of the game’s strategy is how managers spend their transfers. Choosing to pay a -4p penalty to change a player is a risky move, but is often important to tackle the matchups or save up enough funds for a key transfer.

1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis transfers

This week we saw really a lot of action around the two teams that played an extra match. 18% of the teams made two or more transfers, usually transferring in players like Bamford, Ings & Raphinia as we saw above.

56% of the teams made 0 changes. With the next Gameweek coming up with 17 matches, it was more than natural for managers to save up their transfers to prepare for the big one.

Wildcards used

Wildcards are used to “reset” your team, allowing unlimited transfers to be made for a single Gameweek. Each team has two wildcards available, one in the first half of the season, and one for the second half.

This was the sixth gameweek of the second half, with all teams having a fresh wildcard in their hands. In this gameweek, we saw 2.2% enabling their wildcards. Almost 80% of the teams, however, have their wildcard still available. 

The big Double Gameweek 26 is coming up with 17 matches though, and we expect very many of these wildcards being activated until the deadline. It will definitely be an interesting statistic to keep an eye on!

Wrapping up: Standings after Gameweek 25

Below you will see a distribution of the team standings so far. For charting purposes, we’ve hidden the very low scores (below 1,000p).

1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis

1M PL Season game – GW25 Statistical Analysis

After an eventful week like this, we now can observe some big gaps forming up among the participants. Leaders and teams that are in the money are moving more and more ahead of the rest of the pack and to each other.

  • 467 teams (~1.9%) are above 1,700 points 
  • Only 4 teams are above 1,800 points (~0.01%)
  • ~12,700 teams are inside the 1,450-1650 point range, which is represented with the 4 tallest bars on the chart
  • 9,960 teams (38.5%) are now more than 150p away from the paid spots 
  • The average total score across the competition now stands at 1,444 points

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