Thursday Night NHL Power Play Preview


FanTeam is hosting a big NHL contest, where the first place will win €3.000! We have a few suggestions on helping you climb those leaderboards.


It will be a ten game slate, so you will have plenty of options to differentiate yourself from the field.


With FanTeams very handy safety net feature for goaltenders it is not that important to worry about which goalie is starting on any given night as your team will get the starting player.

With that said, FREDERIK ANDERSSON €8.6m looks like a great option. He has been injured as of lately, but should be good to go and should also get a good volume of shots and is more than capable of holding the win. Another option would be CAREY PRICE €8.2m or Carter Hart €8.1m. Both of them have a great chance to win and you save a bit of your budget.


Those who play Daily Fantasy Hockey on a regular basis will tell you ice time and power plays are the most important things in choosing your defensemen. Each team has two power-play units which will have a minimum of one defensemen on each unit.

Here are our top 3:

JEFF PETRY €11.4M is having a tremendous season so far. He is 3rd in points for defensemen (goals + assists) and averages over 22 mins of ice time a game and also plays on the Canadiens 2nd power-play unit.

MIKHAIL SERGACHEV €9.8M has had some monster games recently including a 16 point outing (which included 3 assists). He isn’t a household name and plays second fiddle to Hedmen most nights but at this price he is well worth including.

Finally, ESA LINDELL €8.1M had a slow start to the season but has recently been playing much better. He usually plays over 20 minutes a night and he is also on the stars of the 2nd Power play unit.

If you are unsure of which player is on which unit, FanTeam kindly displays that info on the team selection page:


Scoring correlation in NHL is very important as goals nearly always come with assists and there is also the possibility to award two assists to just one goal. With this knowledge stacking two or three forwards on the same line could be key. 

Here are our two favourite stacks of the night:


Calgary is facing the Ottawa Senators who are one of the worst teams in the league conceding a league worst of 95 goals in the season so far, Calgary do not have the highest amount of goals, but they can fill their boots here.


Dallas is struggling at the minute, but an upturn in performance is just around the corner and with these prices very easy to stack without sacrificing other spots on your squad. They all will feature on the top power play, currently ranked 7th at 26.6% which is pretty good.

Fanteam offers daily fantasy NHL contests every day of the week to give the user as much NHL action as possible.

Good luck with your teams!


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