CS:GO €10K ESL Pro League Group B Season Game – Preview


Hello and welcome to my preview for Fanteam’s new CS:GO tournament €10K ESL Pro League Group B Season Game! I really enjoyed first longer-term tournament in CS:GO – at the time of writing I’m in top 6 with good chances to secure a win. So I’m really buzzing for the final games and Group B! My name on Fanteam is aposfi.

Fanteam Rules

You can’t get more than 2 players from the same team and yes – there are transfers here. Each Gameday you will have 1 Free Transfer and you can save 1 additional transfer if you want to. There are ways to make it even better – I expect Fanteam to test other features like ability to pick Captain and make additional Transfers to diversify teams a bit – there were a lot of similar teams in the Group A tourney. 

Also Fanteam changed some rules before. So, before the change if a game ends 2-0 only the winning team would get points as compensation for not playing the third map, but now both Teams get the 1.5x on their score to make the scoring more dependent on the Player Performance and less on the Team Results.

The budget is 50M and it seems it will be even harder to make team on the first try – thanks, ZywOo 😉

Tournament Rules

These are simple – all matches are BO3, best team advances to the Play-in, second and third advance to 1/12 where they will have to win one more game to get in the Play-in round also. 

Group B Picks

If we started talking about ZywOo (12.0M) let’s start our preview with Team Vitality. Even the French team started this year badly, they are still the strongest team in Group B so if they can recover their best form, it is a strong contender for a Top-1 spot.

ZywOo is very expensive – and even at this price he is almost a must-have player. I don’t really like situations when one player dominates the whole tournament and you just have to have him to stay in the top, but sometimes it helps to find some low-priced interesting picks. The first one that comes to my mind is RpK (9.0M). He won’t deliver in every game – don’t expect him to, but he will definitely have his 200+ FP in some game. Same for shox (10.5M) but he rarely justifies his price-tag. apEX (9.0M) is another interesting option with a low-price – strong perspective ratio. Beware of misuta (9.5M) – he costs more and often is subbed by Nivera. There was information that Nivera won’t be playing but for that price, misuta isn’t a good value even without substitutions.

G2 also started this year badly but historically March is a good month for the team. They benched kennyS who struggled for individual form, averaging only a 0.98 rating across the last four tournaments. Niko (11.5M) now becomes main AWPer and JaCkz (9.0M) comes back in the squad. Well, if you believe that these changes will help the team – NiKo + nexa (9.5M) is my personal pick here which offers another core-player option for us against ZywOo. I don’t really feel that G2 is going to rock from the beginning – they need to polish their gameplay after all the switches in the roster – but it is definitely a team to watch.

mousesports after losing karrigan are struggling to get back on track – there even were lots of rumours that their best player ropz (11.0M) can leave the team and join OG, but the Estonian assured he is fully focused and committed to mousesports. From cheaper options I like Bymas (9.0M) who is a decent fragger and sometimes can make big surprises. Frozen (10.5M) is a good alternative to ropz if he won’t deliver or you just want a cheaper option. 

Overall I don’t think mousesports are strong enough to compete for the top spots but they definitely are the team who can be beneficial in a couple of games.  

I think FaZe are going to surprise us here. Their new captain had some time to work on some plays with the team and can make coldzera (10.0M) and broky (10.5M) great again. Twistzz (11.0M) is overpriced imo but who knows – maybe he is going to carry his new team to the victory. rain (9.0M) costs too much to be a filler (but can fulfill this role if you have enough money and want someone from FaZe at some point) and karrigan (8.5M) rarely shines with individual performance. 

ENCE is an interesting team – you don’t want them through all the tournament but you can get their assets at a right time it can boost your team by a lot. dycha (10.0M) joined the team in 2021 and now it seems like he has settled in quite quickly. allu (10.0M) is always a good pick if you are playing ENCE but I like dycha more – he looks like a more stable player. Sphinx (8.5M) can easily cover the hole in your squad – from low costing players I think he can get a lot of value but the core problem may be the team overall that isn’t just good enough to compete on the highest level. 

NIP is the team of their mood. If they feel good – Ninjas can do a lot of interesting stuff. The problem is that this spirit is definitely out somewhere far away from them: it’s really hard to remember when NIP showed us a good CS recently. Don’t feel like it’s a good decision to stick with them but if I had to pick someone – it would definitely be nawwk (10.0M). I’m really surprised that he costs less than REZ (10.5M) and Plopski (10.5M) but let it be. ztr (8.5M) – meh, hampus (9.5M)… I don’t think so. But if you believe in NIP I have some good news for you – their pickrate will definitely be not very high so you can earn top sports early on! 

I hope my preview will help you to pick a decent team and sometimes it’s just interesting to see, what other people think. So if you have some thoughts – welcome to FanTeam Official Telegram-Chat, Cybersport Chat (on Russian) or in the comments below. 


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