CS:GO €10K ESL Pro League Group C Season Game – Preview


Hello and welcome to my preview for Fanteam’s new CS:GO tournament €10K ESL Pro League Group C Season Game! I have lots of fun playing these long-term CS tournaments and I hope you enjoy them also as much as I am. So join me in the next game and let’s get down to business.

Fanteam Rules

You can’t get more than 2 players from the same team and yes – there are transfers here. Each Gameday you will have 1 Free Transfer and you can save 1 additional transfer if you want to. There are ways to make it even better – I expect Fanteam to test other features like ability to pick Captain and make additional Transfers to diversify teams a bit – there were a lot of similar teams in the Group A tourney.

Also Fanteam changed some rules before. So, before the change if a game ends 2-0 only the winning team would get points as compensation for not playing the third map, but now both Teams get the 1.5x on their score to make the scoring more dependent on the Player Performance and less on the Team Results.

Tournament Rules

These are simple – all matches are BO3, best team advances to the Play-in, second and third advance to 1/12 where they will have to win one more game to get in the Play-in round also.

Teams overview

This Group has 3 teams that are likely to secure top-spots and 3 teams who clearly are underdogs. Let’s start with, as I like to call them, differential teams in this Group.

TeamOne in my opinion has lesser chance to win a game then even Renegades had – they even lost to Australians a month ago. I expect them to lose 0:2 in every game against top-tier opponents and maybe they will have a little chance against C9 and MIBR – although I don’t think they will manage to win a single game. But they are quite unique in some way – TeamOne is the only team who has an option valued at 7.5M – skullz.

MIBR is another team that is a real underdog but with a higher chance to give us an interesting game. A month ago they played NaVi and lost 1-2 with a very confident win on Train, where Ukrainian team is really strong. But overall I don’t think Brazilians can fight for a play-off spot.

Looking at their overall chances and prices I just can’t recommend anyone. Their two best players – both chelo and boltz cost 10M and at this price they can be good only when they give us 150+ consistent points. If you want to risk – why shouldn’t you? (there is shz at 9.5M but shhh)

Сloud9 is complicated. A team full of talent but seems they just can not get on track and play their best game. If someone is in the mood – he can carry – but C9 barely looks like a team who understands each other. Since November, when the roaster was changed, they won only NiP, Complexity, ENCE and Spirit from the (almost) top-tier teams. Maybe it will change here? Personally I don’t really think so – they start against NAVI and Gambit – but I want to believe.

Xeppa (10.0M) and floppy (9.5M) are good young players who are quite unstable but can deliver even in a loss. I think es3tag (9.0M) can also be a decent pick in some games either especially at this price.

Gambit is the first team I expect to get a top-3 spot. They were amazing in Katowice lead by their AWPer sh1ro (11.5M). If this guy is in a good shape – he’s just an auto-pick – you can trust me here. Especially because the first two games are quite easy for the Russian team – at least it look like thisbefore the games actually started. Ax1Le (10.5M) and Hobbit (10.5M) can farm us some points also, while the likes of nafany (9M) or interz (8.5M) won’t be that highly owned – you can risk and diversify here while also saving some extra money.

There is something I really like in FURIA but what is it – I just can’t explain. One of the best teams in NA region recently changed their AWPer – arT had to transfer his sniping responsibilities to junior (9.5M) who is believed to be one of the most talented players in the region but may have some poor stats due to the new standards set high for him. Only time will show how he will contribute here… I guess it may be worth a risk.

KSCERATO (10.5M) and yuurih (11M) – I can feel the coldzera-broky vibes here where we have two close-by-stats players with 0.5M difference. You just have to go with whoever suits your budget although it is worth mentioning that KSCERATO played better in the team’s last tournament in IEM Katowice. arT (9.5M) and VINI (8.5M) can deliver but not consistently so they are good options if you want to risk in 1 or 2 games or just need a cheaper option.

Of course NAVI is expected to get the top spot but we saw earlier that Gambit surely know how to play them. Do I have to say something about s1mple (12.0M)? Even at this price I bet he will get 65%+ ownership rising to the end of the tournament when he will face MIBR and Team One. So here you just can put all your eggs in one bucket.

It is too hard to stack both electronic (10.5M) and s1mple so it may be worth to save some money and pick Boombl4 (9.5M) or Perfecto (10M). At these prices they seem overpriced but if NAVI will crush their enemies it would be a good call. Talking about cheaper options we have flamie (8.5M) but I have to warn you that in the last 3 months his stats are much worse than before.

I hope my preview will help you to pick a decent team and sometimes it’s just interesting to see, what other people think. So if you have some thoughts – welcome to FanTeam Official Telegram-ChatCybersport Chat (on Russian), or in the comments below.


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