Full Season Formula Fantasy is now on Fanteam!

We’re excited to launch our brand new full-season game for the Formula World Championship of 2021! Fantasy managers, start your engines!!

The Schedule

The Formula World Championship is starting on March 26th in Bahrain with the first Race Weekend of the season. Bahrain will also be the start of our Fantasy League, which will last for the whole 2021 season, all the way until Abu Dhabi in December.

Entry fee

20€ is the cost of each entry. Each user is allowed to enter up to 10 teams.

The Format

Pick 5 drivers, from any of your favourite teams, staying inside the 100M budget. 

Manage your team throughout the season, as transfers are available between Race Weekends. After each Race Weekend, you will receive one Free Transfer. You can save (roll-over) one transfer for the next weeks, so you can have up to two Free Transfers at a time. You can also do more transfers by paying a -6 points Transfer Penalty or using your Wildcards.

Two wildcards are available – one for the first half of the season until the summer break, and one for the second half. You can use your wildcard to make as many transfers as you like on a single Race Weekend.

The Prizes

€20,000  is our guaranteed prize pool. This will be paid out even if the number of entries is lower than expected. 

If we reach the number required to fill the guarantee, each additional entry will contribute to the prize pool, which will then go above €20,000. To find out specifically what the first prize will be, please look in the prize section of the in-game rules. Prize distribution will be normal, to 20% of the field.

The Scoring

Each Race Weekend consists of 2 racing events – Qualifying and Race. Drivers will score points on each one of the events, and their total points are the sum of the points they gathered in both.

Drivers will score points for their finish positions, performance against teammates, and special events like being the Driver of the Day or achieving the Fastest Lap.

If you’ve already played our Fantasy Formula games last season, please note that before the 2021 season, we have improved our Formula scoring rules. Qualifying now gives fewer points than the Race (around 50%), so the Race will be the indisputable Main Event of the weekend!

Saturday Sprint Qualifying mini-races will also award fantasy points to the drivers. The scoring will be similar to the Race, but with fewer points awarded (around 50%). 

For more details about our Formula Fantasy scoring rules, please check our support pages with the full rules.

Deadline for entries and changes to your team

The deadline for each Race Weekend is the scheduled start time of the Free Practice 1 session of that weekend.

For the first Weekend of the season, that means Friday, March 26th at 12:30 CET! 

You can enter your teams or make any transfers only until the deadline. After Free Practice 1 starts, all lineups will be locked and you’ll be only able to do transfers for the following Weekend. 

Free Practice 1 doesn’t award any points, but it will serve as the Race Weekend’s start. This is because during practices a lot of things change as the cars hit the track.

Late registration is available

It will be possible to enter even after the tournament has started. 

The final deadline is Friday 30th of April, which is the start of Gameweek 3. 

When late rigging, you will be compensated for the gameweeks you did not have a team in. You will get 90% of the average score in the missing gameweeks.

Ready to race?

Registrations are open. Draft your team now!

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