CS:GO €10K ESL Pro League Group D Season Game – Preview

Hello and welcome to my preview for Fanteam’s new CS:GO tournament €10K ESL Pro League Group D Season Game! I guess this is going to be the most interesting battle – there are 5 teams that have decent chances to get a play-off spot and one dark horse that can mess up things in the Group. 

So here are the rules if you are going to play your first Season CS:GO game and for the experienced ones – jump straight to the Teams overview section! 

Fanteam Rules

You can’t get more than 2 players from the same team and yes – there are transfers here. Each Gameday you will have 1 Free Transfer and you can save 1 additional transfer if you want to. There are ways to make it even better – I expect Fanteam to test other features like ability to pick Captain and make additional Transfers to diversify teams a bit – there were a lot of similar teams in the Group A tourney. 

Also Fanteam changed some rules before. So, before the change if a game ends 2-0 only the winning team would get points as compensation for not playing the third map, but now both Teams get the 1.5x on their score to make the scoring more dependent on the Player Performance and less on the Team Results.

Tournament Rules

These are simple – all matches are BO3, best team advances to the Play-in, second and third advance to 1/12 where they will have to win one more game to get in the Play-in round also. 

Teams overview

Endpoint is the weakest team in the Group on the paper. But I’d say that they can get some blood in the Group – maybe even manage to win at some point. You can go with Surreal (8.5M) who looks like an excellent enabler option or risk with CRUC1AL (9.5M) who is the best player in the team so far and at this price can be a good pick. 

fnatic lives through changes after replacing flusha with Jackinho. The Swedes reached grand final in their first event, cs_summit 7. Then they lost it to Virtus Pro and got eliminated by OG and MIBR from IEM Katowice. Now they definitely have the desire to catch up and Brollan (11M) is a good but a little risky investment. Ludvig just signed a new contract with the organisation and is one of the most prospective players from my point of view. It’s time to surprise… I hope?

Another option I like is Jackinho (9M) – showed himself in the first games for fnatic and clearly has something to show us. Look closely at this guy. Krimz (10.5M) just can’t be ignored – thinking to add him to some of my teams also, Golden (8.5M) is an enabler-guy and JW (9.0M) is so unstable… He can be an amazing value-pick if everything goes in the right direction but will kill your team if it doesn’t. 

Evil Geniuses is the first NA team – Groupd D has two of them. oBo (9.0M)  just replaced Ethan and will make his debut right here – personally I don’t like him at this price but I understand that he can show me I’m wrong. It’s like the flip of a coin right now!

Brehze (10.5M) and Cerq (10.5M) and top-priced players from the team. I’d recommend picking Brehze if you want to play safer (he should have a higher %) and Cerq if you are going for the differential from the first game. EG start against Astralis so they might struggle. tarik (9.0M) will be even more differential and stanislaw (8.5M) is an enabler. 

Virtus Pro showed their ambitions is Katowice losing only in grand-final to Gambit and winning cs_summit 7 in January. What’s more – these guys will start the tournament against Endpoint. So I expect VP to start with 40%+ pickrate especially Jame (11.0M) and YEKINDAR (11.0M) who is monstrous when in comes to playing for Terrorists. Sanji (8.5M) is a good option to fulfill that enabler-option spot. Buster (9.5M) can show you the way to the real differential – qikert (9.0M). 

Liquid will have to explain what happened in DreamHack Open North America where they placed 3-4th losing to paiN. Was it just problems with focus or something bigger? Anyway EliGe (11.0M) is a great pick as he may deliver lots of FP even if the team won’t deliver. NAF (10.5M) is a cheaper but riskier pick as for me while Grim (10.M) and Stewie2k (9.0M) might deliver in some games and you can foresee that – consider you may win the Seasonal tournament (yes, if your other decisions will be good – and that’s what I like her). Fallen (9.5M) doesn’t offer that much value looking at his price tag. On the other hand, lower expectations mean lower %, so if the Brazilian will get a good game you will be in a nice position. 

Astralis are one of the top contenders to take Group D thanks to their experienced roster. Thay finished 2020 and started 2021 in a great way winning IEM Global Challenge 2020 and getting to a grand-final in BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 where they lost my NaVi. 

device (11.5M) is the most expensive player in the Group but definitely will have lower % then simple and ZywOo who had nearly 65% in the first games. So use it to your advantage. dupreeh (10.5M) is another nice option while Magisk (10.0M)  and Xyp9x (9.5M) are too expensive for their value imo. You can save some money and pick gla1ve (9.0M). 

I hope my preview will help you to pick a decent team and sometimes it’s just interesting to see, what other people think. So if you have some thoughts – welcome to FanTeam Official Telegram-Chat, Cybersport Chat (on Russian), or in the comments below. 

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