Champions League Preview – both Tuesday and Wednesday Games

Hello and welcome to my preview for Fanteam’s Champions League tournaments! I guess everyone is excited about the second matches so let’s think how the games will go and who should we pick. 

Tuesday Double €2, Tuesday Double €20, Wednesday Double €2, Wednesday Double €20.

The first and very exciting game is PSG – Bayern. In the first game PSG showed their counterattacking threat lead by Neymar and Mbappe – it’s an obvious picks if you think that Pocettino’s side won’t flop it. Navas is another amazing option because even if he concedes a goal he can produce lots of saves – for example in the last game he got 10 saves scoring 5 points – it’s more than the clean sheet alone! While Marquinhos is not going to play, the last good but less owned option for me is Di Maria – he scores less and doesn’t usually get a fulltimes but he definitely can be a viable option. 

Bayern offers us much more from the fantasy point of view. Lewandowski is not going to play again and this fact leaves us with a much bigger headache which I personally love in fantasy. While there are obvious picks such as Muller, Sane and Kimmich who gets the corners and freekicks (sometimes he shares them with Sane) I can see a nice value in Choupo-Moting. Obviously not the best player in the German team but his CL form looks nice and I guess he is the one who benefited the most from Lewandowski’s absence scoring a goal in the first PSG game while having a couple of chances which he didn’t convert. Pavard is one of the cheapest options from Bayern and I just can’t resist – he will definitely have a spot in some of my teams. He is yet to score or get an assist this season but his numbers look good in he is the most creative defender in the last 5 games with 0.79 xA per 90. 

Chelsea – Porto is the second game of the day. Of course less interesting game for random fans but not for fantasy managers… it can give us some surprises. From the Portugese side I can see two obvious picks in Oliveira and Taremi who are the best players by the goal+assist system. Both rested in the last Primeira Liga game being subbed on in the second half so they are going to be full of strength in nothing goes wrong. Corona and Marega are interesting options but I really like the stack of Otavio + Pepe if you want to go all-in with Portu. Imagine this – 88th minute of the game, Otavio takes the corner, Pepe scores and you just skyrocket into the top-places… Don’t forget to thank me if it works out! 

As for the Blues… Since Tuchel came they are a really strong defensive team and I guess that’s what they are going to do today – sit back, soak the pressure and counterattack. So stacking Mendy with another defender won’t be a mistake – if you think that some of them will score, go for it, but I’d recommend just going for the cheapest one. You can complete your stack with Havertz who is in a great form since his returning after injury and now is completely different player from what we have seen earlier. He offers much more in the attack playing higher up the pitch registering the most box touches in the last 5 EPL games and only Mount has more shots while being a cheaper option also. Pulisic scored twice on the weekend but may get some rest. If he plays – definitely an option to consider – their rotation with Havertz on the false 9 position against Crystal Palace was brilliant. 

The second day offers two more games: Dortmund – Manchester City will be the first one we are going to look through here. I can’t see another way for Haaland and co to win this leg but to attack again and again and hope that they will score more. I don’t recommend looking at BD’s defensive options because the team is poor at the back and I can’t see how they are going to get that clean sheet. Well, okay, Hummels might be an option if you think that Dortmund will score from the corner but that’s it. 

Attacking option offer us much more potential… Here we have unstoppable Haaland, my favorite Reus (sorry, I really had to mention it) who takes corners and freekicks (stack with Hummels, if you are into it), Sancho who registers a goal or an assist in every game he plays in 2021. From the lower % options I’d rather go for assisting machine Rafa Guerreiro who is the second-best in the team with his 8 assists. 

As for Manchester City we are not going to get the typical Pep wheel of fortune and it’s definitely a good news! KDB is an autopick for those who believe that City isn’t planning to defend (does someone believe in this?) and from the Mahrez-Sterling I will definitely go for the Algerian. His stats are so much better in the last games that we can’t ignore this fact. And he is cheaper – even better for us! I’d even consider going for Foden over Sterling if both of them will start. Silva is an intriguing false 9 option and he will have a lower % ownage – but bear in mind that he will be one of the first to be subbed off if something goes wrong for Guardiola’s team. 

Ederson + cheapest defender is also a good way into City’s lineup – it is definitely a risky but an interesting option for those who believe that Dortmund won’t score. Cancelo is by far the best attacking defender not only in City but this season overall so consider picking him also – even with conceded goals he can score or give you an assist. Or two. Or more.

And the last game for our two-day journey is Liverpool – Real Madrid. The Reds showed absolutely nothing in the first game despite Madrid playing without their best CBs and now they have to score 3+ goals to secure a spot in the next round. That said I recommend getting your hand not only on Salah or Mane (who btw has some decline in his form confirmed even by Klopp) but on the Wijnaldum. He is a unique player who scores rarely but surely when it’s needed the most. He won’t have more than 20% which is vey good for the two-game tournament and in the seasonal game he has only 2% so it’s a great chance to play against field. Of course don’t forget about TAA and Robinson – the first one plays with Salah and looks like he is getting back on his feet again so Robbo will be a differential here. 

Oh yes, and Jota. He is going into my teams. Sorry, Sadio.

Real Madrid offers us a new Messi (the only one must-have player you want to include in every team you draft) – welcome Karim Benzema! A must-have if you believe that Blancos will win this tie. Vinicius is the most expensive option so I don’t like him as a potential pick – he doesn’t offer that much value for the money (I mean points) we have to spend even he scored 2 in the first game against Liverpool. But in the seasonal game you may try him with his 7M pricetag. Asensio looks like something more appealing for me. “Oldschool” picks of Kroos and Modric are definitely to consider. Defensively it’s typical – Courtois + the cheapest option.

Thanks for your attention guys and I hope this article will help you build the squad of your dream! See you in the game! 

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