Fantasy NBA Playoffs Season Game – €10.000 Guarantee Tournament

After the huge success of the NBA Regular Season Tournament (season long), we decided to follow up with a unique NBA Playoffs Season Tournament!The tournament will include all the Playoffs matches, starting from the Round of last 16, including the NBA Finals.

The duration of the contest will be two months. (22th of May-22th of July)

In addition to the season game, Fanteam will release many exciting Daily Fantasy events too!

Introducing the €10.000 Guarantee Tournament on Fanteam

The Schedule

The NBA Playoffs will start on Saturday night of 22nd of May and will include all the Playoffs games (including NBA Finals). 

Entry fee

The buy-in will be at 10€ and each user is allowed to enter-up to 10 teams.


  • The format of this tournament will be a 7-player budget (same as the NBA Daily Shootout). You must pick one player from each position, plus two more utility players (1-3 players per position).
  • You will be able to make one transfer every two gameweeks. 
  • You will also have to choose your captain that will score double points (x2). Your captain can be changed in every gameweek!


  • Only one wildcard will be available for the entire NBA Playoffs season tournament, which can be used at any time during the contest.
  • There will be no wildcards between rounds, so make sure to manage your transfers and your wildcard wisely.

Deadline for changes to your team

The deadline for the changes to your team will be 30 minutes before the start of the first game of each gameweek. Your captains can be changed in every gameweek! 

Late registration is available

It will be possible to enter a team even after the tournament has started. The final deadline to register is Monday, 24th of May, which is the start of Gameweek 3. If you enter during the Late Registration period, you will be compensated for the gameweeks you did not have a team in. You will start with 90% of the average points of all teams for the gameweeks before.

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