Price Changes for £1m PL season-long game

With just 9 days to go before the start of the Premier League season entries are flying in for our £1m game. With £200k for first place and 5,000 teams due to hit the cash payouts, we want to make sure all managers are fully clued up on how the game works.

One of the most common questions we get asked is how price changes work in the game, so here’s an outline of what you can expect……

What are price changes?

Throughout the Premier League season, players will move up and down in price. These price moves are important when you come to make weekly transfers and/or wildcards, as they impact which players you’re able to afford. In our game, you get full value for a player you sell, so there’s plenty of scope to benefit from making good early selections.

For example, you pick up Bamford in Gameweek 1 at £7.5m and he goes on a scoring tear, rising to £7.9m as the goals fly in. This means if you choose to transfer him out you’ll get the full £7.9m for him, therefore increasing your overall budget by a crucial £0.4m going forward.

When will price changes occur?

Price changes will occur once each gameweek, in a single batch. The changes will always take place within 48hrs of the last match concluding in a gameweek.

There will be no price changes in Gameweek 1. The first set of price changes will occur in Gameweek 2 (once matches have concluded) between 10pm BST 23rd and 10pm BST 25th August, but will only be used to manage any glaring outliers. From Gameweek 3 onwards price changes will occur weekly through to Gameweek 37. 

How will price changes work?

Price changes will be based on player form, using our in-house xFP (expected Fantasy Points) metrics. We will not be providing the full method used here, but be assured it will remain consistent and has been thoroughly tested prior to the season getting underway.

Alongside form we will be using several rules to ensure price changes not only enhance the game, but ensure they meet their key objective; making as many different players valid selections as possible throughout the season:

  • There will be a maximum of 20 price rises, and 20 player falls, per gameweek. These do not have to be balanced e.g. there could be 16 rises and only 7 falls in a gameweek.
  • No player will drop below our price floor of £4.0m.
  • Price rises / falls will generally be 0.1 per week, and falls will only ever be in 0.1 increments. Players can however rise by 0.2 or 0.3 in a gameweek if they hit certain criteria, but this will be rare.

Where can I see price changes? 

Players who have moved in price will be posted on our Discord and Twitter accounts each gameweek. 

Why are we doing this?

The key intention of price changes is to make as many players selectable each week, and to avoid teams becoming too ‘template’ as users stock up on the underpriced players. It also ensures we reward managers who spot potential early and grab up and coming players before their hot run of form.

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