NEW and improved Daily Fantasy Cricket format is now live on Fanteam

We’re currently in the midst of a fantastic T20 World Cup tournament, with England slaying all comers and Pakistan remaining unbeaten to this point. Inspired by the frenetic action we’re seeing so far, FanTeam are ready to unleash a much improved DFS Cricket format.

Why are we changing it?

Our current 11 man format for T20s and ODIs makes it very difficult to pick team variations, with each lineup including 50% of the cricketers available. Often you find yourself willing on both the bowler, the batsman, and half the fielders at any one point! There are also minor niggles such as only being able to pick 1 wicket keeper, which doesn’t work well in the modern limited overs game.

We’ve recently launched our Universal-6 format in several other sports to great success, such as basketball and American Football. This simplified but exciting format we’re confident will greatly increase your cricketing enjoyment…..

How does Universal-6 work?

It’s super-simple – let us tell you how it all works:

  • In Universal-6 you simply pick any 6 players, with the only restrictions being the budget and a maximum of 5 players from either side. 
  • Your captain costs 1.5x their normal price, and scores 1.5x their normal points,
  • Your vice-captain costs 1.2x their normal price, and scores 1.2x their normal points

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When does this start?

Universal-6 cricket DFS will start from Wednesday 3rd November, debuting in New Zealand v Scotland at 10am GMT. Universal-6 will then be used for all cricket DFS T20 and ODI matches.

We’ll continue to use the 11 man format for test matches. In a 5 day test match your players are involved in a lower percentage of the action, so we feel it’s vital you still have a full 11 to root for.

Anything to look out for?

As the World Cup rumbles on we’ll have massive guarantees for both the semi finals and the final. Also then keep an eye out for our Big Bash season-long game coming in December 2021.

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