Here at FanTeam HQ, we are delighted to announce the opening of our £100,000 Fantasy Premier League SECOND CHANCE Season Game, which boasts a mouth-watering first-place prize of… £20,000!

How many of you wish that you could start your season-long games all over again? Well, we are giving everyone a fresh start in our Fantasy Premier League Second Chance Season Game, and guess what… it’s FREE TO PLAY.

The £100K game kicks off at 8pm GMT on January the 14th (Gameweek 22), but the contest is open now in the Lobby so everyone can invite their friends (18+ years of age to play), spread the word and enjoy tinkering with their free-to-enter team up until the deadline – just like you do on other popular season-long fantasy football games.

But why is it free to play? We hear you ask. Well, we firmly believe that many of you that have yet to play on will enjoy our contests and platform so much, we wanted to give you the opportunity to play for free and try it out for yourselves. 

Also, as a massive thank you to the thousands of you that entered our £1,000,000 season long Fantasy Premier League game and enjoy playing in our daily fantasy contests, we wanted to do something special for you too.

Give me my ticket right now we hear you shout! If your FanTeam account is verified, the free ticket will be in your account and available to use right now. The Entry button to the £100,000 game in the Lobby will be yellow and say ‘free entry’.

If you have not yet verified your FanTeam account, the free ticket will not have been given to you yet. As you’re playing in a contest with real cash prizes, we need to ensure all entrants are 18+ and have verified their identity.

To receive your free entry ticket, please log in to your FanTeam account and click on the ‘not verified’ link underneath your username, and follow the simple instructions.

Should you wish to enter additional teams, you will be able to do so at a cost of €12/£10 per entry.

Should you require any assistance from us with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the Live Chat button on the website, Discord, Twitter or via email

Please also be aware that this contest is strictly for users 18+ years of age and as always,


A full breakdown of our £100,000 Second Chance Season Game Rules are provided below in both text and an info-graphic. If you have any questions regarding our Game Rules, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help any questions you might have.

The contest will start in Gameweek 22 (January 14th, 2022 at 8pm GMT) and will run through to the end of the season – Gameweek 38.

For this contest, you will create a team of 11 players only, within an 80M budget, and can select a maximum of 3 players from one Premier League side.

You will have 1 free transfer each gameweek and can have an unlimited number of saved (rolled) transfers. EG: if you don’t make any transfers for 3 weeks, you’ll have 3 saved transfers to use, whenever you like.

Player price changes will occur in line with our £1,000,000 season game and will happen within 48 hours of the end of each gameweek. A player’s sell price will always be the same as their live buy price. However, until Gameweek 22 has kicked off, you will not be able to profit from the buying and selling players between the launch of this game and the Gameweek 22 deadline – this is to ensure fairness for anyone joining during the 8-week period of the contest being open.

You will receive one Wildcard which can be used from Gameweek 23 onwards.

There will be one week of Late Registration for this contest, where late entrants will receive 95% of the average Gameweek 22 score.

Our Safety Net feature will apply for this tournament, which for those of you that are new to FanTeam, can find the information below.

>> click here to start building your £100K lineup <<


In this tournament, our Safety Net feature applies as you’re only required to own a team of 11 players, with no substitutes bench.

If a player you own does not start, (eg: you own Salah, but he starts on the bench), he will automatically be replaced at kick-off by the next priced player from the same position and club – which for the purpose of this example, would be Sadio Mane. 

If Salah comes on after 60 minutes, you would still keep your replacement (Sadio Mane) for that Gameweek and any points he (Mane) scores – you would receive zero points from Salah for that Gameweek as he was replaced by Mane for the entire Gameweek. 

Please note, you would still own Salah the following Gameweek – Safety Net changes only apply for a Gameweek and are not transfers.

If a player you own doesn’t have a replacement starting player from the same position that is the same price or cheaper, you will receive no Safety Net replacement. A good example here would be Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

>> click here to start building your £100K lineup <<


A full breakdown of the Scoring System for our £100,000 Second Chance game is provided below in the info-graphic. The scoring system is identical to our £1,000,000 Premier League season game.


A full breakdown of our second chance £100,000 game prize pool breakdown is provided in the info-graphic below. We want the reward for a half season’s good work to be as much as possible, this is why we will reward the top 4000 places


Late Registration will be available for one week after the start of Gameweek 22. This means Late Registration teams can be entered up to the Gameweek 23 deadline, and they will begin scoring points from that gameweek onwards. 

Late entries will receive 95% of the average score from Gameweek 22. For example, if you enter a late registration team for the start of Gameweek 23, you will receive 95% of the average score in Gameweek 22.

The deadline for making transfers & team changes for late registration entries will be 90 minutes before the first Gameweek 23 kick-off.

>> click here to start building your £100K lineup <<

We wish all of you the best luck in the £100K game – let’s hope you can turn a free ticket into £20,000!

If you’ll be entering this game, be sure to show this to a friend and tell them about this amazing free to play game.

Should you require any assistance from us with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the Live Chat button on the website, Discord, Twitter or via email

The FanTeam Crew.

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