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GW14 Monster – Satellite to WCOFF €500,000 Final

The EPL weekly monster is back again this midweek, with an exciting twist! The rules for the GW14 monster are exactly the same as usual, but the prizes and reasons to play are more enticing. 

Have you ever dreamt of winning the first place prize of €100,000 in a fantasy football contest? The winner could be you, and it may only cost €15 to enter! Let us explain. 

Instead of winning cash prizes to our weekly monster, we are offering 20 guaranteed seats to the very much anticipated main event of the year – World Championship of Fantasy Football (‘WCOFF’) €500,000 Final. Entry to WCOFF costs €1,000 but 20 users will get their entry at a cost of €15 only (GW14 monster event). 

GW14 Monster Rules

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 1st December 19.30 GMT. There are 8 fixtures on offer and entries cost €15 only. See the below graphic for further details. 

WCOFF €500,000 Final Event

The WCOFF €500,000 Final contest starts on 26th December at 15.00 GMT, covering GW19 and GW20 of the Premier League season. There are 667 seats available, with a maximum of 10 entries per user. 

The rules and format are near identical to that of our usual weekly monster, with the only difference being it’s run over 2 gameweeks. Managers are required to enter two different teams for GW19 and GW20 (usual monster deadlines and prices apply). Once GW19 is over, a new set of GW20 fixtures and player prices will be available, where you can make unlimited transfers before the GW20 deadline. The scores in both gameweeks are added together to determine a final leaderboard. See the below graphic for further details. 

WCOFF Satellites

Over the last few months, we have hosted plenty of satellite contests for the WCOFF €500,000 Final, with entry fees varying from €2.75 for Step 1 contests and €55 for Step 2 contests. With this new one-off €15 GW14 monster event, a minimum of 20 seats is guaranteed and it is your best chance yet of winning a ticket to the WCOFF! 

We also have a GW14 mini-monster costing €2 to enter and 5 guaranteed tickets available, should you prefer the cheaper entry route.

Here is a little trip down memory lane, with the 2019 WCOFF winner explaining how he won €30,000 from a satellite contest of €2. 

The WCOFF has plenty of amazing cash prizes on offer, with the top 121 places being paid out. A top 5 finish guarantees €1,500, top 50 guarantees €1,800, and the minimum paid prize is €1,500. This could be you with just a single €15 entry to the GW14 monster! See the below graphic for a full breakdown of the cash prizes for WCOFF.

Best of luck for the GW14 monster! 


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