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WCOFF – World Championship Of Fantasy Football

If this is the first you’re hearing of the WCOFF – here’s a quick introduction. The WCOFF offers a DFS experience like no other with a three step tournament structure, ending in a super high-stakes Premier League final played across two gameweeks, boasting €500,000 prize-pool and a first place of €100,000 

The WCOFF Final starts at 19:45 GMT on February 8th. The Final will be played over two Premier League Gameweeks – GW24 & GW25. Each week is independent of the other, meaning that you will be able to create a brand new team in round two without any penalties. This is the real DFS experience!

The buy-in in the final is €1,000, but don’t worry, it’s possible to get into the final without paying the big bucks. Actually, the vast majority of the finalists will qualify via satellites, which are running many times a week from now until the end of December. These satellites aren’t just Premier League football contests either – you can qualify by playing all sorts of fantasy sports.


The rules and format are near identical to that of our usual weekly monster, with the only difference being it’s run over 2 gameweeks.

Managers are required to enter two different teams for GW24 and GW25 (usual monster deadlines and prices apply). Once GW24 is over, a new set of GW25 fixtures and player prices will be available, where you can make unlimited transfers before the GW25 deadline. The scores in both gameweeks are added together to determine a final leaderboard. 

See the infographic below for further rules. 


The WCOFF has plenty of amazing cash prizes on offer, with the top 121 places being paid out in total.
First prize is the insane €100,000 but there is of course much more than that to go around. A top 5 finish guarantees €15,000, while the minimum paid prize is €1,500. 

See the infographic below for the full list of prizes

How to qualify for your seat

1 step, 2 step, WCOFF!

FanTeam have created a 3 step system which gives users the chance to qualify for as little as €2.75. You will find the satellites in the tournament lobby up until the WCOFF begins.

Step 1 – €2.75 entry

Start your journey for €2.75 and battle it out to qualify for entry to Step 2. 

Step 2 – Qualifying ticket from Step 1 or €55 entry

If you have qualified from Step 1 you gain a ticket into any Step 2 of your choosing. It’s only if you want to skip the first step, will you then have to pay the €55 entry fee. Step 2’s will also be running regularly so spot the one you think you have the best chance at and go for the ticket to the big one

Step 3 – Qualifying ticket from Step 2 or €1000 entry

If you have made it to Step 3 then that is it! You have won your €1000 seat to the big one! Sit back and wait for your chance to take on the other WCOFF participants and compete to become the World Champion of Fantasy Football. 

We will have more content coming out in the next few days covering both past and hopeful new WCOFF winners. The WCOFF has a habit of creating fantastic stories and we are sure this year will be no different.


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