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We are delighted to announce the launch of Fantasy Golf on Fanteam. We get going with the Sony Open on January 13th, four days of action from the beautiful Waialae Country Club in Hawaii.

Golf has grown to be one of the biggest and most popular fantasy sports, largely because of how well it lends itself to the fantasy format. The PGA tour has fantastic coverage, with beautiful courses and the best players competing on a weekly basis. Combining this viewing experience with playing fantasy golf & having multiple players to root for (or even root against) makes it incredibly exciting and greatly enhances the pleasure of watching the game. 

So what can you expect?

We will start on Thursday 13th with a special €1000 freeroll. You’ll be able to enter up to 5 teams each, allowing you to try FanTeam Golf in a risk-free tournament. We will also be running alongside a €12 contest with a 25 entry per user limit. Tournaments will be up on by Tuesday lunchtime.

It’s not just fantasy we’ll be covering either. Also launching for the Sony Open will be golf sportsbook odds, player matchups and player props. Making Fanteam your one-stop-shop for weekly PGA tour action. More details on all of these great offerings to come on our Socials and in our Discord Golf channel over the next week. Make sure to follow @FanteamGolf on twitter.

From the second week onwards we’ll have a regular golfing schedule:
– The tournament-long ‘Main Event’ paid entry contests
– Single Day Events covering rounds 2,3 and 4
– Sportsbook markets
– Player matchups (traditionally known as ‘Head to Heads’)
– Player props (e.g. over/under total birdies, finishing position, round score etc)

We will also be looking to create a season-long Golf tournament over the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for that one. Further formats such as the increasingly popular ‘one and done’ will also follow in due course.

Tell me about the Main Event format……

In the Main Event you will pick 6 players from the player pool with a budget of 100M, similar to other popular Golf DFS offerings.

Where Fanteam golf differentiates itself is with our Captain and Underdog features.
– You’ll pick one of your 6 players to be your team captain, who’ll have his points multiplied by 1.25.
– Your Underdog* will automatically be set as your lowest priced player, and they will also receive a 1.25 point multiplier.
This innovative system means your ‘last man in’ is just as important as your top player, and adds a layer of strategy when picking teams not seen anywhere else in the DFS world….

*If lowest priced player is picked as captain then Underdog will be the second lowest priced player

**If there are multiple players equal lowest priced, lowest form will be tiebreaker. Second tie breaker is world ranking.

How do my players score points? 

With our scoring system we had two main objectives:

  • Reward good play, punish bad play
  • Ensure what you cheer for is rewarded

If you have played fantasy golf elsewhere you will be familiar with a lot of our point metrics. We believe we have created a really fun and balanced points format and can’t wait to see it in action. 

See below for our full golf scoring matrices:

Any strategy tips?

In fantasy Golf there is a lot of strategy based on the balance of your player pool. With most events having a cut at the midway stage you want to have as many of your players through to the weekend as possible. Do you go with a balanced pool of safe options to maximise your chances of taking through 6 players into the weekend? Or do you go with some big guns with more chance of taking 1st place points, but have your cheap guy’s risk not making the cut? 

Look out for more content

In the next week expect plenty more content as we gear ourselves up for the Sony Open. 

Make sure you follow our dedicated Twitter channel and Golf Discord channel for up-to-date information, strategy guides and competitions. 
See you soon,

The FanTeam Golf crew

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