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As the tricky AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am hits our golfing horizons, and with three weeks in the Fanteam Golf books, it seems a good time to get some expert insights. This week we sat down with Will, one of the world’s leading Fantasy Golf players and a big supporter of our emerging Fanteam Golf product 🏆

Q. The big question to start – why do you play Fantasy Golf?

A. It started off as DFS Football. Once I was mostly happy with how things were going there, I started looking for other sports to play, and golf seemed like a good next step. My close friend is a golf nut, and had some ideas of how I could model it.

Q. How have you found Fanteam Fantasy Golf so far?

A. Yeah It’s been good to have another Golf DFS site to play on, and it’s nice that Fanteam offer some fantasy style betting products as well, such as the Golf Player Matchups.

Q. How have you found the Underdog feature? Any tips on how to approach it?

A. To begin with I ignored it, as I just wanted to focus on getting the basics right. Once I felt more comfortable with projections and my lineup builder, I started devising tests to determine the impact of the underdog feature on my highest projected lineups. To be honest, the impact wasn’t as big as I was expecting. For example, my 2nd best lineup would become my 4th, and 5th might become my 3rd. But I was rarely seeing jumps of 5 or more in the ordering of my lineups.

Q. Does the idea of a golf season-game pique your interest?

A. Yes but all my tech is currently built for the tournament-long game. It would be a lot of work to get everything ready for a season-long game! 

Q. When building your teams each week what’s most important to you and why? e.g. form, course history, individual stats, gut feel etc…

A. I would say form and course fit. I rarely pay much attention to course history. 

Q. Any specific players you think could over/underperform expectations this season?

A. I typically like picking young players. I picked Niemann a lot last year, it would be nice if he had a big year. I’ll probably be fading DJ most tournaments.

Q. Who are your early leans for the Majors?

A. Finau for The Masters?!

Q. What’s the one nugget you’d give someone brand new to Fantasy Golf?

A. If you’re really keen to get into fantasy golf, try to use it as a springboard to learn a new skill along the way. Perhaps upgrade your Excel skills, scraping skills or even better use it as a springboard to learn a new coding language. That way even if the fantasy doesn’t go well, you’ll still come out ahead.

So there you have it, chuck out those course history stats and get your money on Big Tony at Augusta! We hope this has been useful in your Fantasy Golf journey, we’ll do more of these articles over the coming season….

If you want to give Will a follow for more golf insight it’s @Saramek21 on twitter

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