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Glorvigen” is a merited Daily Fantasy Football player who in the 20/21 season came second in the SCOFF tournament, which secured him a whopping 47,500 euros. With the assistance of Glorvigen, we now look ahead to the WCOFF tournament, which takes place in Gameweek 24 and 25. Keep on reading to get some expert tips on how to prepare for a round of Fantasy Football, as well as getting to know the humoristic origin story of Glorvigens gambling life.

Paragraphs in this article:

  • What is WCOFF and how to qualify
  • The creation of Daily Fantasy Scout
  • Started a casino at the age of eleven
  • A prediction for the WCOFF
  • Glorvigens Research Rituals
  • It takes one to know one

What is WCOFF and how to qualify

The WCOFF will be played over two Premier League Gameweeks, GW24 (8-10 Feb) and GW25 (12-13 Feb). Each GW is independent, meaning that you will be able to create a brand new team in round two without any penalties.

The guaranteed prize pool is an astonishing €500.000, with a first-place prize of €100.000! The rest of the prize pool is distributed amongst 121 payout positions, with a minimum payout of €1,500.

You can qualify for this tournament via satellites, which are running many times a week from now until the tournament starts. Some cost only €2.75 to enter. Just look for the keywords “WCOFF” and  “Satellite” in the tournament description. You can of course pay the €1.000 entry fee and skip the qualification part, but most people will be looking to enter via satellites.

WCOFF, which stands for World Championship of Online Fantasy Football, can be played at Fanteam, Bethard, Dafabet, and Betsson Brazil.

The SCOFF tournament, where Glorvigen ended second, is the same type of tournament as the WCOFF, only that it takes place at a different time during the season. This is the team he played in the second round of the SCOFF, which took place in gameweek 38 of the 20/21 season.   

The creation of Daily Fantasy Scout

Nickname: Glorvigen

Age: 38

Living in: Hamar/Norway

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s  Degree in Construction Engineering

Occupation: Account Manager at Chimera Prime AS and Co-Founder of Daily Fantasy Scout

Interests: Fantasy, poker, football, and tennis

Favorite teams: Arsenal & Ham-Kam

When we talk with Glorvigen, right before GW23, he tells that he has not put much thought into how his teams should look in the WCOFF that runs across GW 24 and 25.

I’m currently working on getting as many entries as possible through satellite tournaments. You can maximum have twelve entries, currently I have three. You can naturally win the WCOFF with only one team, but the more the merrier.

If you want to see the teams Glorvigens played in the SCOFF,

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Glorvigen is a construction engineer and economist but despite this always loved gambling. This goes hand in hand with him leaving the construction business, in order to start a Fantasy webpage.

I wanted to create the perfect fantasy page, with content on both the free Fantasy games and the ones with money involved.

Glorvigen tells that right before the covid-lockdown in March 2020, he went to Warsava to visit his friends in the IT firm «Chimera Prime“, where he presented some sketches for his idea “Daily Fantasy Scout”.

With eight employees, we now have full coverage on the Premier League and the Champions League.

Started a casino at the age of eleven

Growing up, Glorvigen lived in a big house, with an extra room for him and his brother to play in. When he was eleven years old, he and his brother thought it would be a great idea to start a casino in the “kidsroom”. This to his parents big despair.

To begin with, we put up a blackjack table for us and our nearest friends to play with, but rumours soon started to spread in the schoolyard. One day my father came home from work and took a step inside the kidsroom. I’ll never forget the expression on his face. Inside there were fifteen kids playing various casino games. Some were at the blackjack table, others at the poker table, while some were spinning the roulette.

When Glorvigen’s parents found out that the kids were playing with real money, they fastly prohibited the gambling activity. 

Then we introduced poker chips and stopped having money on the table, so our parents believed that there was no real money involved.

But without the money always being visible, the kids opened up for players to build up dept.

For a period I lost what was a lot of money for an eleven-year-old, and I was unable to pay back my debt for months. This made me feel sick, but was a valuable experience in my early life. Since then, I’ve never gambled with money I’ve not had.

Glorvigen continues by telling that his little sister also got involved at some point, when she was only six years old.

Her teacher at school had told my parents that she was very good in mathematics, especially in addition and subtraction, but the strange case was that she was best when it came to the tasks which used numbers up til 21.

A prediction for the WCOFF

Glorvigen has studied the fixtures for GW24 and 25 and there is one thing that he thinks that we especially should pay attention to.

It looks like Manchester City is the team to stack up on for this tournament. We will not see the City line-ups before any of the deadlines, so it will be important to pick the right players – you never know with Pep Guardiola. Of course, we do have the safety net, but it will be difficult when it comes to selecting captain and vice-captain.

Don’t know what “safety net” is? Here’s an explanation.

A good captaincy I think is Ryhad Mahrez, who has had a week of rest after AFCON, and will probably be back in the starting eleven against Brentford.  Mahrez is both on penalties and direct free kicks.

Glorvigens adds that West Ham’s fixture in GW24 looks good for the Hammers.

Watford concede loads of goals, so Jarred Bowen for example can be a good asset. I also think that Aston Villa will continue improving, and they are facing Leeds in the first round of the WCOFF.

GW24 fixtures

GW25 fixtures

Glorvigens Research Rituals

For the different Fantasy-games I’m involved in I use only, and I visit the page every day. Naturally, I watch a lot of games and highlights as well.

After the last fixture of a gameweek, I spend the most time updating myself on what’s happened. I scroll through all the match-summaries, study some player-stats for both the FPL and the Fanteam games, and spend a lot of time inside’s ICT/Min tables.

When it comes to the season games, I like to take a quick look at the next match– and the match sequence table, so I know what’s up ahead. Towards the deadline I look through every team’s expected line-up and read the summaries from the press conferences, which can be found under “Team News”. I look at injuries & suspensions and the short-term fixture list for all competitions. Even though I got most of them memorized, I check out each team’s set-piece takers as well. Last but not least, I run through’s Scout Picks, where there are Scout Picks for each unique tournament.

As soon as the deadline for the season games have passed, I start to focus on the Weekly Monster tournaments which start Saturday afternoon. These are Fanteam tournaments that run for only one gameweek. For these tournaments I always start with the form table, which can be found under “Player Stats“.

People should also study’s predictions for expected goals and clean sheets.

Thereafter I start putting players into “Select Squad“. Select Squad is an amazing tool, which serves the purpose of generating one or several teams for you and then sending these directly to your preferred Fanteam tournaments.

You got extreme amounts of information available under “Fixtures” on, so I prefer having this window open on an additional screen while I create my teams for the Weekly Monster.

It takes one to know one

Glorvigen tells that he started playing fantasy in the mid-nineties when Norwegian broadcaster TV2 and Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet launched a season game for the Norwegian top division Eliteserien.

I started playing FPL in 2005. I have also always had an interest in poker, which in many ways share characteristics with the Daily Fantasy Football tournaments. Actually, I’ve turned out to become a decent No limit Holdem player over the last couple of years.

Back in 2015 Glorvigen made a google search for “fantasy for cash”. He then found Fanteam for the first time, or “Woofbet” which it was called back then.

I fell in love at first sight. I think I was one of their first users ever.

Even though Glorvigen considers himself as a master of the game, he has to admit that there are some competitors he fares to face. He ranks players like DayOfVictory, TriBBL, Siggen, and Gaffel especially high, but most of all he fares one of his own.

This time out I fare @SivertSpigseth the most. He writes the majority of the updates on, including summaries from all the press conferences in the Premier League – believe it or not. He is always a hundred percent updated and has started to perform well in the Weekly Monster tournaments.

Follow @hanGlorvigen on Twitter

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