2020 WCOFF WINNER INTERVIEW: Daaceofdiamonds

Many of us may have daydreamed about what it’s like to win a huge prize pool event on Fanteam. We caught up with Daaceofdiamonds who did just that. In fact, Daace was our last WCOFF winner when he won the event in 2020 when he beat all others over the two gameweek event to take away the €50,000 first prize. Daace plays fantasy sports as a profession and is one of the biggest all-time winners in Fanteam history. With this years WCOFF final only a few days away we took the chance to ask him a few questions… 

Q) Hello! How did it feel to win the WCOFF last year and become a fantasy football World Champion? 

A) It felt great indeed. I played quite a lot in terms of both different tournaments and quantity of lineups (number of entries) so I had lots of practice before the event!

Q) Did you do anything nice with your win of €50,000

A)  Not yet. Would have spent some on traveling if not for the virus. =(

Q) Did you play the FanTeam WCOFF satellites to win your entry to WCOFF this year? If so, how did it go and which type of contests did you target?

A) I do. I play almost every one of them nowadays. In the end, I got 11 tickets.

Q) How do you approach the first Gameweek of the WCOFF? Do you play aggressively or try to stay with the pack?

A) It depends on lots of factors – prices, match ups, stats, etc., but generally I play more aggressively than other managers.

Q) What are the 5 keys to being a successful pro?

A)1.Bankroll management


3. Willing to take a risk

4. Analytical abilities

5. Stoicism

Q) We read in a previous interview you said you build your teams manually. Do you think this gives you an edge over other pros who may use time-saving tools?

A) Well, it depends on the particular software, but I have yet to see a really strong optimiser that would give one a strong advantage.

Q) How do you do your research? Any particular websites you use? 

A)  Mostly ff hub and ff scout

Q) What other FanTeam regular do you most respect and why?

A) TTRibl – the GOAT, gaffel – best comeback, DayOfVictory – best new manager, top – the best in terms of consistency and ROI, also single-slates maestro. Zhenek_gomel, nevermind721, MildaMatilda are also pretty solid. Those are the first that came into my mind. 

Q) Would you recommend playing fantasy for a living to others?

A) Sure, But you have got to love the game (both football AND fantasy)! It is not easy money though.

Q) Finally, What do you think your chances are of winning the WCOFF back to back?

A) Optimistically around 5% =)

It would be an impressive feat indeed to go back to back in the WCOFF. Many of the best fantasy players around will take part in Tuesday’s WCOFF and hope to win the coveted World Champion of Fantasy Football title and the €100,000 first-place prize on offer.

There’s still a chance to get your seat for far less than the €1000 buy-in in our satellites. Head to our lobby to see what is available.

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