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A Lineup Optimiser & CSV Upload Video Guide

There are a lucky few that can play DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) as a profession, but how do they do it some of you might be asking, amongst many other questions.

What tools do they use?

Can anyone do it?

Do I have to pay to have access to such tools?

How much time will a DFS Optmiser actually save me?

Well, many full-time and skilled DFS players are using lineup optimisers to build and submit their teams – saving them so much time and effort. These are advanced tools that allow you to pick and submit multiple lineups based on your specifications, with a click of a button.

More and more reputable sites are providing these handy tools due to their growth in popularity and user-demand, making them available to almost everyone.

In the video below, we will show you how easy it is to use RotoWire’s impressive Line-up Optimiser and the FanTeam CSV upload tool, to make and submit up to 100 NBA lineups, in minutes .

RotoWire is an awesome site that specialises in fantasy sports and has a variety of tools to help their users. As you will see in the video below, they provide projections, a lineup optimiser and a CSV download option to allow you to create and upload your teams onto Fanteam, with ease! 

RotoWire covers multiple sports on Fanteam, but for the purpose of this video, we will be looking at building team for NBA contests. This is arguably the sport where these tools are at their most useful.

If you have ever played a fantasy NBA contest on Fanteam, you will have noticed a lot of entries go in late. This is because a lot of important team information and late news is not known until the last minute.

NBA is a unique sport where one important player being out can affect two or three other players’ minutes in the game and therefore damage their value, drastically. 

This is where a site like RotoWire really comes into its own, as using their optimiser can give an advantage as projections are updated automatically with team news.

RotoWire offers all new customers to their site a FREE 10 day trial with no commitment required, so we recommend giving it a go yourself to see how easy it is to use these tools and create multiple teams based on your preferences, in seconds –

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