Formula One Fantasy – Full 2022 Season Game

FanTeam and the Scout Gaming Group are delighted to announce the return of our Fantasy Formula One season game for 2022

This year, we are back faster and more exciting than ever – with added new features for you to get your teeth stuck in to!

After taking onboard some amazing feedback and suggestions from our customers, we hope our new F1 season game brings you even more drama than the end of the 2021 season did, which saw Max Verstapen controversially take the drivers championship on the last lap of the last race. 

Managers of our 2022 Fantasy Formula One Season Game will get to choose from F1’s top drivers, such as Britain’s finest Lewis Hamilton – and the current world champion Max Verstapen, to the next crop of stars such as Mick Schumacher and Lando Norris.

The new season promises to be as dramatic as the last and with the new features we have added, the action will be as exciting and fast-paced for our season-long managers. 

As always, we will provide you with infographics below which show you our Game Rules, Scoring System and more importantly, the Prize Pool Breakdown, but also a full text explanation as to how it all works.


There is a maximum of 1,204 seats available and the €20,000 prize pool is guaranteed.

The top 150 ranked entries at the end of the contest receive a pay-out between €40 and €2,000, depending on the exact finishing position.

Entry is set at €20/£16.80 per team, and each user can enter a maximum of 10 teams to this contest, should they wish to do so.

A full breakdown of our €20,000 Fantasy Formula One Season Game prize pool breakdown is provided in the info-graphic and table below.

We want to reward our users’ hard work as much as possible. This is why we will pay out the top 150 places:

  • The top 3 will receive a minimum of €1,000
  • The top 10 will receive a minimum of €350
  • The top 40 will receive a minimum of 100


To play in FanTeam’s €20,000 2022 Formula One Season Game contest, you will need to create and enter an 6-man team, consisting of 5 Drivers and 1 Constructor (eg: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, ect) – with a budget of £100M.

This contest is a Full Season game, where each race weekend is a Gameweek, and points are scored during Qualifying, Sprint Races and Race events.

The deadline to make your weekly changes is until the Free Practice 2 Session starts – or, at the start of Qualifying if there’s a Sprint Race.

You have one free transfer to use each Gameweek – unused Gameweek transfers can be saved up to a maximum of three saved transfers and you cannot purchase additional transfers.

You can pick a maximum of two from each team – this means you can pick either two drivers from one team, or, 1 driver and 1 constructor from the same team.

Your chosen Captain will score 1.25x points and your Underdog (cheapest driver/Constructor) will also score 1.25x points.

Each customer can enter a maximum of 10 teams to this contest, should you wish to enter multiple teams to mix up your strategy and approach.

Price changes are active for this contest. Price changes will occur within 72 hour of the race ending, each Gameweek.

Late Registration is available for this contest and will be open until the Gameweek 3 deadline (Australia – April the 8th).

All Late Registration teams will start Gameweek 3 with 95 of the Average Score from Gameweek’s 1 and 2 combined.


For those of you that played in our 2021 season game last year, you’ll see we’ve made a few changes and additions to our scoring.

For a full detailed breakdown of the Finishing Positions (Drivers) and Team Ranks (Constructors), go to the contest and click on the Scoring tab, where you will see a full breakdown of the Scoring Rules.

Finish Rank points are awarded for Qualifying, Sprint and the Main Race – see the infographic below for details on how your drivers will score points.

Please see below our Scoring Rules infographic, along with an added explanation of how the Scoring works, including the new features we have added.

Driver Scoring

-2.5 points (Qualifying and Sprint) and -5 (Race) points will be deducted from your drivers score if he does not finish (DNF) or is disqualified (DSQ).

There are extra points to be earned for the driver who completes the Fastest Lap – +1 for a Sprint Race and +2 for the Race.

If your driver manages to Win and grab the Fastest Lap, they will score +0.5 in a Sprint Race and +1 for the Race.

Drivers can pick up and be deducted +/-0.1 (Sprint) and +/- 0.2 points (Race) for Position Gains – these are awarded each time your driver overtakes or is overtaken.

The official Driver of the Day (decided by F1) will be awarded +0.5 (Sprint Race) and +1 (Race).

Your Captain will score 1.25x points and your Underdog (the cheapest driver/constructor) will also score 1.25x points.

[NEW] Constructors Scoring

The Top 5 Teams will receive between +0.5 (5th) and +2.5 (1st) points in Qualification and Sprint Races.

Top 5 Teams in the main Race will receive between +1 (5th) and +5 (1st) points.

For each car that finishes per Team, +1 (Qualification and Sprint) and +2 (Race) points are awarded to the Constructor.

For each official penalty a Driver receives , the Team Constructor will receive a -1 point penalty also.

+2 points will be awarded to the Team Constructor of the Fastest Lap achieved during the main race. 

For a full detailed breakdown of the Game Rules and Scoring Rules, please go to the contest and click on the Scoring tab, where you will see a full breakdown of the Scoring Rules.


If you’re new to FanTeam then you’ll need to create a new account here – alternatively, head on over to and click the green ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.

Once registered, or if you’re an existing FanTeam customer, the €20,000 2022 Fantasy Formula One Season Game contest can be found in the Lobby, or by clicking here.

At this stage, you can start to build your team using your 100M budget, but remember, you can make unlimited changes to your team, for free, until the contest starts on Friday the 18th of March.

Don’t forget to select a Captain, as they scored 1.25x points, and an Underdog, who will also score 1.25x points.

Once you’re happy with your team and captaincy choice, submit your team for an entry fee of €20/£16.80.

Managers are welcome to enter a maximum of 10 teams to this contest, for a higher chance of scooping that mouth-watering €2,000 first place prize or top 150 place pay out.

To get involved and enter a team into our €2,000 2022 Fantasy Formula One Season Game contest, click here or click the banner below.

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