FanTeam offers a very unique and exciting concept known as Player Matchups (Duels); it enables users to utilize their fantasy knowledge in a player specific way rather than having to manage an entire fantasy team. 

So how do Player Matchups work and how can you get involved?


Player matchups is an exciting FanTeam game that enables players to bet on between 3 and 10, designated 1 – vs – 1 fantasy matchups, with the potential to win up to 500X your stake. 

Player matchups essentially act as a fantasy football accumulator, in which the payout increases the more matchups the user bets on. The great thing with FanTeam player matchups is that you are betting against the house rather than thousands of other players. 


Player Matchups can be played across a huge variety of sports including Football, Golf, MMA, Cricket, E-Sports, hockey and basketball. 

FanTeam allows the user to build a player matchups accumulator across a single sport or multiple sports so essentially you could build a treble of Conor McGregor (MMA), Mohamed Salah (Football) and LeBron James (Basketball).

With the huge variety of sports on offer how will you build?


Players will score and accrue points as they would in the standard format of fantasy contests on Fanteam.

As Player Matchups is available across multiple sporting events please be sure to familiarize yourself with the scoring for the matchup type you are entering.

A full breakdown can be found by clicking on the ‘Scoring System’ button, located at the top of the page lobby.


Users must pick at least 3 player matchups for a valid bet. 

The prize pot will increase the more matchup selections you make, but remember that ALL your selections have to win – the more players you add, the greater the risk but greater the reward!

You can see how many selections you’ve made by viewing the bar above the players’ names.

It’s important to know that players with an asterisk (*) next to their name get a head start of 0.25 points and will win the matchup if it ends as a draw. This is done to prevent tied matchups.

If a player in one of your chosen duels doesn’t start the game or  if they’re benched or not in the squad, then that particular duel will be canceled and the prize-ladder will move down 1 step. This is to prevent your chosen player coming on to make a cameo appearance and causing you to lose your entire bet.

In order to win a Player Matchup bet, all selected duels need to be correct.


You can easily adjust the amount you want to bet using the plus and minus buttons and it’s also worth knowing that our minimum bet is €1 and the maximum is €500.

For those of you in a rush, there are handy ‘one-click’ options of €10, €25, €50 and €100 to help speed up the placing of your bet. 

Once you’ve made your selections, the slip will automatically update your potential prize winnings – but that’s only if you manage to get them all correct. 

It’s possible to win up to a cool €250,000 by correctly predicting 10 player matchup outcomes! 

Once you’re happy with your selected players, hit the ‘Enter’ button and the confirmation screen will be displayed. By hitting the ‘Submit’ button the bet will be placed.

Once your bet has been submitted, the prize ladder will be displayed on your Matchups Dashboard.

To track the progress of your player selections, head over to ‘My Overview’, where your bet slip will be located in the Player Matchup drop-down.


The reason I love player matchups aside from the obvious cash rewards is just the fact it’s a simple way to apply my fantasy knowledge without the need to build or manage a fantasy roster.

The simplicity of matchups means all I have to assess is how well I think certain players/teams will perform that week and just bet on the guys/teams I like, rather than managing transfers/rosters etc. 

The great thing with FanTeam is that I can bet on  player matchups, along with playing daily fantasy and betting outrights all under one app. 


Fanteam continues to offer unique and exciting  Daily Fantasy Sports betting experience, making it even more exciting to follow and play on matchdays.

If you are new to Fanteam or have yet to give our new Player Matchups a try, head over to or click the link below to get involved.

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