Scout Gaming Group and FanTeam are delighted to announce the return of our daily fantasy baseball contests for the 2022 regular season.

Better late than never the 2022 MLB season gets underway on Thursday April 7th 19.20pm BST 20.20pm CET. An off season dominated by player lockout issues is finally behind us, which is a huge welcome to normality for Major League Baseball. 



The regular season will run from April 7 – October 5.

Major league baseball is made up of 2 Leagues (National / American) 3 divisions of 5 teams in each league which makes up  30 MLB teams. All teams will play 162 regular season games in total. 


The post season field has been expanded from 10 teams to 12. Division winners seeded 1 through 3, and three wild cards seeded 4 through 6 in their respective leagues. The top two seeds in each league will receive a bye into the playoffs.

This is going to change everything with more games meaning more. It  will also get teams being more active at the trade deadline as they look to improve and make a playoff run.


  1. L.A. Dodgers – Business as usual for the Dodgers who added Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel in the off-season. A team with a big payroll but a team that always makes the post season and has to be respected.
  1. Toronto Blue Jays – The Blue Jays narrowly missed out on the playoffs last year. This was despite winning 91 games, second most by a non playoff team ever. The AL East is the only division in baseball with 4 genuine playoff caliber teams, so Toronto’s task won’t be easy again but they have to be respected with the talent they possess.
  1. Chicago White Sox – The white sox unfortunately lost star player Lance Kynn to a knee injury. They should be able to keep afloat until he returns around memorial day, it’s then that could see them push on for a playoff push.
  1. Milwaukee Brewers – An uninspiring offense last season stopped them in their tracks and ultimately making the playoffs. The off-season addition of Andrew McCutchen should help this offense. The Brewers have a deadly pitching staff so look for them to push on this season and make the playoffs
  1. Tampa Bay Rays – The Rays just do the same every year, win 90 games and make the playoffs. Look for Brandon Lowe and Wander Franco to push on as the Rays make yet another post season.



This was, by far, the biggest spending free agency off season in MLB history. $3 billion to be precise, with the trade market offering up some eye watering deals. 


Carlos Rodon ( Giants)
Kenley Jansen (Braves)
Craig Kimbrel (Dodgers)
Kevin Gausman ( blue jays)
Max Scherzer (Mets)
Robbie Ray (Mariners)


Corey Seager ( Rangers )

Kris Bryant ( Rockies)

Freddie Freeman (Dodgers)

Trevor Story (Red Sox)


Julio Rodrriguez (Mariners)

Bobby Witt JR (Royals)
Spencer Torkelson (Tigers)



Easy Eight – Easy eight is our classic and easy to use game mode. Users will get to choose 8 players from 3 positions: Pitcher (1), infielder (4) and outfielder (3). Each player has a price and users will have to build within the contest salary cap. There are no subs.

There is no captain in these formats and the maximum number of hitters from the same team is 5. Users must choose players from at least 2 baseball games for a valid lineup. Entries can be changed at any time up until that contest’s deadline.


Baseball is a sport that has many late scratches to lineups, so we are happy to announce our safety net feature is active for these contests.

If you choose a player who doesn’t play you will get a replacement. The player will be from the same position. In most cases the player will be from the same team but if one is not available then another player from a different team will be selected. If this happens then the replacement player will be the same or as near to in price.

Safety net will kick into action if a hitter has not taken part in the match during the first 3 innings. For a pitcher he will be replaced if he does not start the match.


With baseball generally being played in the open games can be affected by delays or postponements. If a game is postponed and played the next day, the results will not affect the tournament. The game will have status as postponed and will be subject to replacements from the safety net feature. 

Matches that are postponed before games start will be treated equal to matches that are postponed after the tournament starts. Again the safety net feature will become active. Alternatively if the user is aware a game might be postponed, then they are free to make changes before the tournament deadline.

In cases where a match has already started and gets interrupted, players who have scored points will keep them. Normally these matches will resume the following day. The contest will wait if this is the case while interrupted matches are completed. If the match has not been completed within 36 hours then we will wait no longer and those players affected will only get the points they have gained in the match so far.


Players will be awarded fantasy points based on their on field performance, which can generate positive and negative values.

More information can be found below.





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Goodluck and we hope you have a fun and enjoyable baseball experience.


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