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€100,000 Fantasy Premier League SEASON FINALE – Gameweek 38

Fanteam and the Scout Gaming Group are excited to announce the opening of our €100,000 Fantasy Premier League Season Game Finale, for Gameweek 38.

We are giving all new and existing FanTeam users one last chance to enjoy an action-packed day of Fantasy Premier League goodness, with all 10 games set to kick off at the same time on Sunday the 22nd of May.

With both the title and relegation races still up in the air, it’s going to be two hours you simply don’t want to miss, and have your share €100,000 on the line whilst you watch will make it all the more enthralling! 

Many of our customers across Fanteam and the Scout Gaming Group Network have played and loved our Fantasy Premier League Weekly Monster contest, so what better way to sign off from the season than with a monster prize pool of €100,000 and a first place prize of… €10,000.

As this is such a prestigious Season Finale event, we have set the direct buy in at €100 – however, customers will be able to play in qualifying satellites between Gameweek 32 and Gameweek 37, from as little as €1 per entry.

Please see below further information on how to play and get involved and as always, if you have any questions, be sure to contact us via twitter @FanTeamOfficial or via the Live Chat on our homepage.


There is a maximum of 1,149 seats available and the €100,000 prize pool is guaranteed, even if the contest does not fill.

The top 231 ranked entries at the end of the contest receive a pay-out between €170 and €10,000, depending on the exact finishing position.

Entry is set at €100 per team, and each user can enter a maximum of 25 teams to this contest, should they wish to do so.

A full breakdown of our €100,000 Gameweek 38 Season Finale prize pool breakdown is provided in the info-graphic and table below.

  • The top 5 will receive a minimum of €3,000
  • The top 10 will receive a minimum of 1,750
  • The top 100 will receive a minimum of 230


To play in FanTeam’s €100,000 Fantasy Premier League Season Finale Gameweek 38 contest, you will need to create an 11-man team, using a budget of £100M.

It’s as simple as that to enter and is no different to our regular Weekly Monster contest format, for those of you that are already familiar with it.

You can select a maximum of three players from any Premier League club and most have a least 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielder and 1 forward in your 11-man lineup.

Your chosen captain will score double points and your vice captain will replace your captain, should your captain not start his Gameweek 38 game.

Please see below a full Game Rules breakdown info-graphic.

As shown in the info-graphic above, this is a one-day contest only – kicking off at 16:00BST/17:00CET on Sunday the 22nd of May, 2022 – this is also the deadline for entries to this contest.

You can make unlimited changes to your team until the contest starts on May 22nd – all transfers are free, so please free to tinker with your team as much as you like. Just ensure you’re happy and locked in before the Gameweek 38 deadline.

Direct buy in of €100 is available to the €100,000 Gameweek 38 Season Finale contest – however, as mentioned above, we will offer satellite qualifier contests between Gameweek 32 and Gameweek 37, from as a little as €1 per entry.


In this contest, Safety Net applies as you’re not required to pick a bench of 4 substitutes.

If a player in your 11-man team does not start his Gameweek 38, for whatever reason, he’ll automatically be replaced, if possible, by the next cheapest replacement player who:

  1. Is from the same club.
  2. Plays in the same position.
  3. Costs the same price or less.

All three conditions need to be met, then the system will automatically add the next priced player from the same position to your team, as a replacement for the non-starting player.

A good example here is Mo Salah. If Salah has an injury in the warmup and doesn’t start the game, but you didn’t have time to swap him out of your lineup, our Safety Next feature will do this automatically for you.

If there are no replacement players that meet all three conditions, the user will not receive a replacement player but will score points if their chosen player does enter the field of play.

For full Safety Net details, please see our support page or reach out to us on Twitter or via the Live Chat on our homepage.


Like with the Game Rules above, the scoring on FanTeam has slight differences to other season-long fantasy football games you might play on other platforms, but the image below gives a clear guide to our 100,000 Gameweek 38 Season Finale contest.

Please note, if you participated in our Weekly Monsters, £1M or £100K Second Chance Fantasy Premier League season games, then the Scoring Rules are identical to those contests.

Please see below a full breakdown of the scoring system – feel free to save the image to your device or reach out to us on twitter @FanTeamOfficial with any questions you might have.

Here are a few scoring attributes and key rules we want to draw you attention to:

Full Match Bonus: If an attacking player (Forward or Midfielder) stays on the pitch for the entire game (90 mins & including injury time) they will pick up an additional point. This means players that don’t get substituted are worth consideration, and that could potentially influence your captaincy decision too.

Goalkeeper Save Points: Goalkeepers will earn 0.5 points for every save they make. Therefore, a goalkeeper on a team that allows the opposition a lot of low quality shots (like Pope for Burnley in the Premier League), can really rack up the points, even if they don’t keep a clean-sheet.

Impact Points: If the team wins the period a player is on the pitch, the player will be awarded 0.3 points. However, if they lose the period (example: subbed off whilst losing 1-0) they’re on the pitch, they will be deducted 0.3 points.

Shots on Target: Midfielders and Strikers will be awarded 0.4 points for each Shot on Target, whilst Defenders will earn 0.6. If your Goalkeeper somehow manages a Shot on Target then he will get 1 point. This scoring rule certainly gives fantasy bosses something to think about when selecting their attack.


If you’re new to FanTeam then you’ll need to create a new account here – alternatively, head on over to and click the green ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.

Once registered, or if you’re an existing FanTeam customer, the €100,000 Gameweek 38 Season Finale contest can be found in the Lobby, or by clicking here

Gameweek 38 contest starts on Sunday the 22nd of May at 16:00BST/17:00CET.

Managers are welcome to enter multiple teams to this contest, for a higher chance of scooping that mouth-watering €10,000 first place prize or top 231 place pay out.


Keep your eyes peeled on the FANTEAM BLOG and SOCIALS this week as we ramp up our content for an exciting conclusion to the Premier League season. With fixture previews, team reveals and streams we have plenty to get you ready for the final day.




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