FanTeam and the Scout Gaming Group are delighted to announce the return of our playoff NBA game for 2022. 

After the huge success of the regular season-long NBA game, we decided to follow it up with our NBA Playoff game! The contest will feature all NBA playoff games starting at the round of 16 and finishing at the NBA Finals.

It’s been somewhat of an odd season around the league with the all star team  Los Angeles Lakers missing out on the playoffs. Meanwhile upcoming teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers are making noise in a push for the playoffs.

For anyone unfamiliar with the NBA playoffs it’s pretty simple! All rounds are played over a best of 7 series, with teams that have home field advantage hosting games 1,2,5 and 7, while their opponent will host games 3,4 and 6. Games 5,6 and 7 will only be played if needed.

The duration of the playoff contest will be around two months. (16th of April – 19th of June).

One thing’s for sure, we’re going to see some serious action over the next few months, and FanTeam has just the way to add even more excitement…


Like in our NBA Season-long game , we’ll once again be offering a guaranteed prize pool of €20,000 for this contest, with a top prize of €2,000 to the winner.

There is a maximum of 3013 seats for this contest. 

The top 482 ranked entries at the end of the contest receive a pay-out between €16 and €2,000, depending on the exact finishing position.

Entry is set at €10 (£8.40) per team, and each user can enter a maximum of 10 teams to this contest, should they wish to do so.


New to the NBA playoffs  this year is the play-in tournament. 

At the conclusion of the regular NBA season a play-in tournament will start (April 12th- April 15th). The play-in tournament will feature the team with the 7th-highest winning percentage taking on the team with the 8th-highest winning percentage in a Play-In Game (the “Seven-Eight Game”). The winner of the Seven-Eight Game in each conference will earn the No. 7 seed.

The team with the 9th-highest winning percentage in each conference will host the team with the 10th-highest winning percentage in the “Nine-Ten Game”. The loser of the Seven-Eight Game will host the winner of the Nine-Ten Game in a Play-In Game, and the winner of that game in each conference will earn the No. 8 seed.

These teams will be added to the playoff contest as and when they are known.


The playoff game will follow our traditional NBA format.

The format of this tournament will be a 7-player with a 100M budget (same as the NBA Daily Shootout). You must pick one player from each position. There are no bench players. 4 players max from one team/franchise.

Like FanTeam’s season-long games and daily contests, the weekly deadline is  prior to the first kick-off of the Gameweek fixtures.

You will be able to make 1 transfer every gameweek. A maximum of 3 transfers can be rolled over. This is to help you manage injuries or players that have been knocked out of the tournament.

1 wildcard available for the entire tournament – can be used anytime. A wildcard essentially allows you to hard reset your whole team without being penalized.

No player price changes throughout the contest. Those of you that have played on FanTeam before might be used to player price changes, based on performances. In this contest this will not happen as all players will remain the same all the way to the NBA finals.


Standard FanTeam Basketball scoring applies in this contest.  More details can be found in the graphic below.


With late registration It will be possible to enter a team even after the tournament has started. The final deadline to register is April 18th, which is the start of Gameweek 2. If you enter during the Late Registration period, you will be compensated for the gameweeks you did not have a team in. You will start with 95% of the average points of all teams for the game weeks before.


If you’re new to FanTeam then you’ll need to CREATE A NEW ACOOUNT – alternatively, head on over to FANTEAM.COM and click the green ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.

Once registered, or if you’re an existing FanTeam customer, the €20K NBA Playoff contest can be found in the Lobby, or by CLICKING HERE

Best of luck we hope you enjoy the NBA playoffs.

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