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Our CSV upload process has been used by many of you since launch to enable quick addition of lineups. There’s nothing better than seeing your lineups all hit Fanteam at once with the click of a button.

However, something you have been crying out for is the ability to edit those lineups via CSV when needed. No one enjoys the simplicity of entering 20 lineups via CSV, only to have to amend them all manually when a key player gets injured in the warm-up! Well you asked, now we’ve delivered. Introducing CSV edit, in place from today onwards across all sports….

Here’s the simple instructions on how it works:

– Let’s assume you’ve already entered lineups into a contest, and now want to change them
– Simply create a new file with ALL lineups you want in the contest, including any you don’t want to change. The number of lineups MUST equal or exceed what you already have entered.
– The system will ask you whether you want to ‘replace’ existing lineups, or ‘add new entries’
– Select ‘replace’ and it’ll replace current lineups with the new ones

So there you have it, a simple way to edit lineups via our handy tool. As with anything new, if you find any bugs please let us know via live chat or

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