With most of the Football leagues finishing up for the season Major League Baseball will take centre stage over the summer months with games played daily all the way to the world series in October. 

Playing a new sport for fantasy can be a daunting prospect for any fantasy manager, so our baseball boffin’s have come together to give you some handy tips and tricks for FanTeam daily MLB contests.

FanTeam MLB contests run daily and can be found by CLICKING HERE

With that out the way here are our experts tips and tricks….


How does the weather impact baseball ? it does have a big part to play when building your lineups as traditionally the ball does travel further in good warm climates rather than the damp colder days. so with that said check the daily weather reports before making your decisions.


When drafting your lineup you must pick 8 players using your budget these consist of 7 batters and 1 starting pitcher .with the new format your batters have been assigned two categories IF (infielder) and OF ( outfielder) which you must select 3xOF and 4xIF.


Batters will score the most fantasy points by hitting home runs but there are other ways they can score points by hitting singles, doubles and triples also can score points by stealing bases.


Only one pitcher is allowed in your team so picking wisely can make or break your nightly lineup. Your starting pitcher needs to be someone who throws lots of strikeouts and goes deep into games favourably at least 5 innings at least. You must also be careful not to draft a pitcher that gives up lots of hits or home runs as your score could have a negative effect.


Player’s form is very important in baseball. As players can have hot and cold streaks. There is an easy way to check how well a player is doing and that is to use the columns in the players’ list when you create your team, you can filter by  “Form”  which means the average fantasy points the player has scored in his last 5 matches.


The players with the most home run upside in an MLB team will usually be batting in positions  1 to 5 in the starting lineup  You can see the  batting order for each team when lineups are announced around 3 hours before first pitch, so that gives you plenty of time to make those all important batting decisions 


Like in Football, there is a line on how many “runs” a team is expected to score on average in a baseball match. So a good guide is to check the sportsbook totals on which teams you like to have your batters from. Any match which has a total of 9 runs or more is likely to be more favourable to a high scoring game with plenty of home run opportunities for the batters.


Stacking your batters from the same team is a known winning strategy and will win more times than not, especially for those who are close to each other in the batting order, for example stacking batters from positions 1-4 or 2-5 is a particular favourite 


There are many projection services for daily fantasy baseball and sometimes you can access these projections for free. We at FanTeam are providing just that with our daily MLB cheat sheets as seen below. The cheat sheets are a valuable tool in working out best priced players at each position for that evenings baseball.


At FanTeam we colour code confirmed starters as blue. If they are green, it means they are very likely to start, but there is no guarantee for that. So, if you can wait for confirmed lineups, that is best. But if your player does not play we have a safety net feature where the system will pick a player at the same position at the same price or the next cheapest price that does start so you will always have a full starting roster.


Obviously, the form of the batter is something you could consider when selecting batters. But just as important is the pitcher they are facing, poor pitchers are bad for a reason they give up lots of hits and homeruns

And that’s it! Armed with this knowledge, we urge you to go out and wet your feet in the MLB tournaments! It is a sport well-suited for fantasy, with a lot of events resulting in fantasy points, so it is quite exciting! We hope you hit a home run!


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