The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is finally here in the host city of Turin, Italy and what could make the world’s greatest entertainment event even better? Free Fantasy Eurovison on Fanteam, that’s what!

After the success of last years tournament, FanTeam have expanded their offering with free-to-enter Semi Final slates complete with a €500 prizepool for each. The final will have a minimum prizepool of €3,000 with a €5 buy-in.

Before we get to that, there are the semi-finals on Tuesday 10th May and Thursday 12th May. The top 10 countries from each of those move forward to the final where they are joined by the five founding nations, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. 

The FanTeam contests for the semi-finals are very simple: choose the 10 nations you think will make it through. There’s no salary cap to worry about or Captain and Vice-Captain picks. All the winning entries which correctly identify the 10 winners in each semi-final will split the €500 prizepool.

This is where some classic DFS strategy comes into play. The more unique the winning lineup, the more money you will win. Conversely, if you pick a lineup which is duplicated too much, your winnings will be reduced.

I think most people will look at the bookmaker odds for each semi-final to pick their lineups. I think it’s unlikely all 20 qualifiers across both semi-finals will be as the bookies predict though. Finding these nations is the key to creating unique, and hopefully, winning lineups. So I’ve identified countries which I think have a chance of qualifying but the bookmakers do not.

More contest information can be found by CLICKING HERE


This feels like the weaker semi-final to me but probably has the eventual winner in it, The Ukraine. I will talk more about this in the preview of The Final but spoiler alert, it may win for obvious reasons but it’s one of the worst Eurovision songs I’ve ever heard. Greece, Netherlands and Norway are a lock to qualify as well. This semi-final also has the two funniest entries in Latvia and Moldova. They’re the sorts of songs you only see at Eurovion. They are expected to qualify and I agree. The following three outsiders have a decent chance to qualify as well:

Austria – LUM!X feat. Pia Maria – Halo

This is an upbeat, catchy pop song in a year where there is a plethora of downbeat ballads. It’s also 13th in the running order of 17 songs so voters should remember it once all the acts have performed. (I’ll talk more about the importance or the running order in The Final preview.)

Denmark – REDDI – The Show

Bulgaria – Intelligent Music Project – Intention

I’ve put these two entries together as I think they have a chance of beating the bookies odds for the same reason. They’re both rock songs. Sort of. Historically rock songs have done well and that was before Maneskin won. Last year, the other heavy rock song, Dark Side by Blind Channel for Finland, came 6th. Eurovision fans love rock. 

Neither of these songs are as heavy as those examples but they stick out amongst a field of pop. I’m not sure that both will qualify but I’m fairly confident one will. If I had to choose one, it would be Denmark.



The stronger of the two qualifying heats and there will be songs who go out here that would walk it in Semi-Final 1. Eurovision superpower Sweden are the headliners and will stroll into the final where they could win. Australia (I know, look it up on Google) are another lock for me, as are Finland, Poland and Serbia. This heat is so tight but these three could surprise and qualify:

North Macedonia – Andreas – Circles

I was really surprised that this is the least favoured entry to go through. It’s a protest song aimed at the current situation in Europe and it’s memorable too. Just the sort of recipe Eurovision voters love.

Ireland – Brooke – That’s Rich

There’s not many thumping dance tunes this year (and nothing to rival last years El Diablo!) but Ireland has delivered the goods here. Johnny Logan this is not. It’s a Dua Lipa inspired track which will probably be rattling through your brain during the voting. Ireland’s record in recent years has been abysmal but I think that changes this year.

San Marino – Achille Lauro – Stripper

Let me be clear, this is an awful song. However, if there’s one performer you’ll remember from the semi-finals, it’s Achille Lauro. San Marino is his backup gig. He entered The San Remo festival where the winner represents Italy in Eurovision. Achille didn’t do well in that competition but his controversial stage performance got him noticed. I expect him to bring that same flavour to this which will make him popular with some sections of Eurovision fans.


I can’t wait for the semi-finals to begin and playing the fantasy competitions on FanTeam adds even more fun. I will be writing a preview for The Final once the semi-finals are over and the contest is open. 

I hope this article has given you plenty of food for thought – especially for those of you that have not played FanTeam Eurovision contests before, but want to give it a go. 

Please feel free to message me on Twitter @_smrf if you have any questions – all support queries should go to @FanTeamOfficial.

Best of luck to everyone entering.


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