The lavish Monaco GP starts this Saturday and with it the FanTeam Full Weekend contests. Monaco is one of the most challenging and glamorous events on the Formula One calendar and it’s a track that can turn the formbook on its head.

The Monaco GP is a very peculiar circuit and overtaking around this street circuit is near impossible so qualifying and setup are paramount here more than on any other track on the calendar. 

Here at FanTeam, we have you covered for this week’s Monaco Grand Prix. This week’s contest will cover qualifying and the race. There is no sprint race at this Grand Prix, but we will discuss the sprint format and how this impacts scoring once we get to the races where this will feature.

This week’s contest features two buy-ins, €2/£1.68, and €12/£10.08. The main contest features a prize pool of €600/£1,500.

Remember this week’s contest starts on May 28th at 15.00 pm BST So be sure to enter early to avoid missing out.


The weather just like most sports can create havoc and it’s no different in Formula One with teams having to change tactics and tires at the drop of a hat.

At present Saturday’s qualifying session in Monaco is looking to be very warm and humid with some wind. It’s Sunday Race Day things could get interesting with the clouds coming over, the temperature dropping, and the chance of rain. If it does rain it makes an already challenging track even more so as teams scramble for those wet tires.


2021: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

2020: Not Held (COVID)

2019: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

2018: Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull)

2017: Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)

2016: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

2015: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)


The contest will cover this weekend’s Grand Prix only. You must select 6 drivers to fill out your team, working within a budget of 115.0m. You will also be required to select a captain and vice-captain in the process. Your captain will score x2 points, your vice-captain will score x1.5 points. Your captaincy selections do not count towards your budget figure, which should make your captaincy choices a little easier. This allows you to tailor your captaincy choices to which drivers you think will perform well at this week’s track. 

No bench is required, so the selection headache is removed for you here!

You can multi-enter this contest, with a maximum of 30 teams allowed per user.

Standard fantasy scoring will apply (the scoring can be accessed within the contest itself), and qualification and race scoring will apply to this contest. If two teams are tied in this contest once the Chequered flag is waved, the team with the most remaining funds will win.


For anyone new to the single-race Formula 1-weekend contests on FanTeam, you will notice a bit of a difference in line-up construction when compared with the full season contest. In the full season contest, you can select any 6 drivers within budget, along with a constructor. The weekend contests however are a little different. Here’s how…

Within your team of 6, there are 4 tiers that you will be selecting drivers from. Tier 1 requires you to select 1 driver Tier 2 and tier 3 require you to select 2 drivers from each tier. Tier 4 requires you to select only 1 driver. 

In an ideal world, you could select the top-priced driver from each tier. The catch is, that your budget won’t allow you to do this! You will have to select a more balanced lineup if you are selecting a top Tier 1 and Tier 2 driver for example. The Drivers Tiers are set out as follows:


Max Verstappen (32.0M) and Charles Leclerc (31.5M)


Carlos Sainz (28.0M), Sergio Perez (27.8M), George Russell (23.5M), Lewis Hamilton (23.0M), Valtteri Bottas (21.0M) and Lando Norris (19.5M)


Esteban Ocon (16.0M), Fernando Alonso (15.5M), Daniel Ricciardo (14.2M), Kevin Magnussen (13.7M), Pierre Gasly (12.8M), Mick Schumacher (11.8M), and Yuki Tsunoda (11.3M)


Sebastian Vettel (8.2M) Lance Stroll (7.7M) Guanyu Zhou (6.0M), Alex Albon (5.5M) and Nicholas Latifi (3.8M)



For the first time this year, Max Verstappen leads the championship over Charles LeClerc who had a power unit issue in Spain that forced him to retire. The Monaco GP is LeClerc’s home race and he will have a replacement power unit in place but since the issue in Spain was so abrupt, could the same thing happen again? Verstappen’s race almost ended in disaster with a DRS issue that got him stuck behind George Russell. The issue was present in qualifying also so Red Bull will have to work quickly to get it fixed for this notorious Monaco GP. Nonetheless, the flying dutchman is on a 3 race win streak and is my favorite option from tier 1 this week.


We saw a resurgence from Mercedes in Spain last time out and will be interesting to see if the car behaves around the tight streets of Monaco. George Russell sits 28 points ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton at present but Hamilton has been a little unlucky with safety cars ruining a few of his races. The Alfa Romeo and in particular Valtteri Bottas have been consistent in the last few races and with the car clearly way ahead of the midfield pack they make for an intriguing option this week. However, with a revamped Mercedes car and Hamilton’s ability to produce something special in Monaco, I like both Mercedes drivers as options from tier 2 this week.


Both Alpine drivers Ocon and Alonso were in high spirits in interviews on Tuesday and for good reason. Both drivers were in the points in Spain but it was Ocon’s P7 that was the highlight. Ocon now sits 9th in driver’s standings and is some 30 points clear of his teammate Alonso, the reigns and keys seem to be handed over to the young Frenchman who is my favorite option from this tier yet again. Despite a difficult Spanish GP Kevin Magnussen has had an excellent campaign so far and the Dane is in an excited mood as he returns to drive at Monaco for the first time since 2019. For me, Magnussen offers the safest floor within this range as he looks to secure more points for Team Haas so I’m excited to pair him with Ocon in tier 3.


Oh dear, the Aston Martin promised so much in Spain with new significant upgrades ultimately leading to nowhere. Monaco is not a track that gives you time to learn a new car so both Aston Martin drivers are an avoid for me here. The Williams had all sorts of issues in Spain and remains the slowest car on the grid so again I’m avoiding them. That leaves us with Guanyu Zhou in the Alpha Romeo. The young rookie has had a difficult campaign and Monaco is a track that will expose you very quickly but the Chineseman is driving the best car in this range and arguably better than cars in tier 3 so I have to pick him based on that alone here.


Although I will be entering multi entries in the Formula one full weekend cash games, this is one of my lineups on FanTeam.

As you can see, the lineup is built around my driver selections above.


Formula One Full weekend cash contests start Saturday 28TH MAY 15.00BST,  so be sure to enter your lineups early to avoid missing out.

Please feel free to message me on Twitter @JackHumphreyKM if you have any questions – all support queries should go to @FanTeamOfficial.

Best of luck with your lineups this weekend race fans. Hope to see you on the leaderboard.


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