TOUR DE FRANCE 2022: Season Game


The biggest cycling tour on the planet starts July 1st and this year you can get involved in the action on Fanteam with our TDF Season Long contest. 

Manage your team through 21 stages, with 25 transfers at your disposal.

 It is the first time we have run this game at Fanteam, so we have set the guarantees moderately (€2,000 for the €20 buy-in), but if the interest is big, the prize pools will, of course, grow above the guarantees. 

The tournament deadline is July 1st, at 16:00 CET, and please note that there is no late registration

Read on for a run-down on how it all works…


In the €3, the prize pool is guaranteed to be at least €500.   

In the €20, the prize pool is guaranteed to be at least €2,000.  

The maximum number of entries per user is 10.   


Teams will be made up of 12 riders in total + one team director and you can choose a maximum 3 riders/team director from a team.

Your team will be made up of:   

– 1 Team director   

– 1 Time trial specialist   

– 3 Support riders   

– 2 Team captains   

– 2 Young riders   

– 2 Climbers   

– 2 Sprinters   


Number of transfers: You have 25 in total, which you can use at any time in the race.    

Transfers must be made before the stage has begun. Transfers made while the stage is ongoing will take effect when the next stage starts.   

You can make an unlimited number of transfers before the tournament starts.   

Rider prices will not vary during this tournament.   

Scoring for riders   

Riders will get points for stages they perform well in. Their scores for each stage will be multiplied, depending on which type they are:   

– Team captains: 5x

– Climbers, sprinters, time trial specialists, support riders, support riders: 4x

– young riders: 3x

Multiplication will apply to all scoring rules mentioned below.

Additional events that result in fantasy points 

Team mate winning the stage – 10 points

Most aggresive rider on the stage – 25 points 

Rider takes the yellow jersey – 20 points 

Rider takes the green jersey – 20 points

Rider takes the polka dot jersey – 20 points

Rider takes the white jersey – 20 points

Note: Points are given whenever a rider is awarded a jersey after a stage when he did not have it during the stage. Points are not given for defending a jersey. Also, a rider that is awarded more than one jersey after a stage can only get points for one of the jerseys. 

EXAMPLE: If a rider comes in at 5th place in a stage, he gets 40 points. If there was a Category 1 race in that stage, where he finished as number 2, he gets another 24 points. So, 64 points in total. (This total gets multiplied with a factor, based on which class of riders he is, see above).   

Scoring for team directors   

A team director will score points if a rider from his team gets into the top 5 on a stage. Team directors will only get points for his best rider, if he has more than one rider in the top 5. This way, there will always be 5 team directors who gets points from a stage. We just go down the list until we have 5 riders from 5 different teams.   

 There is no multiplication for points scored by team directors.

So there you have it. Now you have the information to join the first ever Tour De France season game on Fanteam. CLICK HERE to have a go at making your team now.

Stay tuned for more content next week to help you build those teams. 


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