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After nearly 6 months away, the NFL is back – and so is Fanteam’s NFL fantasy football season game

Here at Fanteam and on behalf of the Scout Gaming Group, we are equally delighted to announce the offering of our 2022-23 NFL Fantasy Football season game, which boasts a minimum guaranteed prize pool of £10,000.

Below you will find all the information you need to know about our £10,000 2022-23 NFL Fantasy Football season game Game Rules, Scoring and Prize Pool details.

fanteam - NFL £10,000 FANTASY FOOTBALL season game - starts september 9th 2022

Managers in our NFL season game game have the chance to choose a star-studded 9-a-side line-up from the United States’ most elite talent. If you’ve ever wanted to own the likes of Cooper Kupp, Christian McCaffrey and Tom Brady in your fantasy side – now you can!

The contest will be played over 18 Gameweek’s – starting on the 9th of September 2022 at 01:20 BST, ending with the final matches on the 8th of January, 2023.

Our prize pool for this season’s game is set to a minimum guaranteed of £10,000 – which as of the 6th of September 2022, has surpassed 1650 entries, putting the prize pool at £13,800.

As it’s a progressive prize pool – this means, once the minimum guarantee was hit, it will continue to rise with each new entry – like it is doing right now.

Furthermore, our player prices have been diligently set to ensure more players are viable for team selection. This should all lead to our most exciting NFL season game flagship tournaments.


To play in Fanteam’s £10,000 NFL Season Game contest, you will need to create a 9-man team, using a budget of 135M – consisting of 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Back’s, 3 Wide Receiver’s, 1 Tight End, 1 Defense/DST and 1 FLEX – the FLEX can be a Running Back, Wide Receiver or Tight End only.

A full breakdown of our Game and Scoring Rules are provided below in both text and an info-graphic, for your convenience.

If you have any questions regarding our rules, please reach out to us on twitter, or via the Live Chat button on our homepage and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


As you can see from the Game Rules infographic above, there will be two sets of price changes during this tournament. The first batch will happen within 48 hours of Gameweek 6 ending, and the second within 48 hours of Gameweek 12 ending.

There will be one wildcard available during this tournament. This will be available to use anytime for Gameweek 2 onwards. Activating the Wildcard gives you unlimited free transfers until the next Gameweek deadline.

Entry to this contest is fixed at €11.77/£10 and a maximum of 10 teams can be entered per Fanteam customer to this contest.

You can make unlimited changes to your Gameweek 1 teams up until the first match kicks off on Friday the 9th of September at 01:20BST/02:20CET.

The deadline each Gameweek for team changes, transfers and wildcards will be when the first game of the Gameweek starts.

There are two free transfers to use each Gameweek and a maximum of 3 transfers can be saved – this means you can never have more than 3 free transfers to use at any point. Additional transfers cost 8-points each.

A maximum of 3 players players from an NFL side can be owned in your fantasy team at any one time. 

Lastly, this contest will have no Safety Net and no Late Registration.


A full breakdown of the scoring system for our 2022-23 NFL Fantasy Football season game is provided below in the info-graphic.

Please note, if you participated in our 2021-22 NFL season games or daily/weekly fantasy contests, the Scoring Rules are identical and have not changed since.

scoring rules for Fanteam's 2022-23 NFL fantasy football season game

The scoring system used is called PPR (points-per-reception). It rewards players with 1 point for each catch they make.

PPR favours Wide Receivers and pass-catching Tight Ends as generally, they have the most receptions in a game.

Running Backs who catch passes are also more attractive as they gain points for rushing yards, receiving yards and a point per reception out of the backfield.

On defense, teams who create turnovers (especially interceptions) are sought after as they have the potential of running back a turnover for a touchdown (6 points plus the 1 or 2 pts for the turnover).


Our 2022-23 NFL Fantasy Football Season Game tournament has a progressive prize pool this time around. 

However, as the contest has now exceeded the minimum entries required to hit the £10,000 guarantee, the prize pool will now continue to grow with each new entry before the Gameweek 1 deadline.

The amount of players who will win a cash prize is this contest is fixed at 20% of total entrants. For example, if there are 3000 entrants then the top 600 will win a cash prize.

The distribution of the prizes will change automatically according to the number of total entries, ranging from around 1.5x the entry fee for the lowest places to a large prize for the first place winner.

In this specific NFL Fantasy Football Season Game tournament, the outright winner will win a guaranteed 1st place prize of 10% of the total prizepool. For example, if the total prizepool at the end of the registration period is £20,000, then the first place finisher will receive £2,000, guaranteed.

The MINIMUM 1st place prize for this contest is £1,000!

All other paid spots will be calculated automatically as more users enter, so be sure to keep an eye on the ‘Prizes’ tab inside the contest itself for up to date numbers.


If you’re new to Fanteam then you’ll need to create a new Fanteam account here – alternatively, head on over to and click the green ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.

Once registered, or if you’re an existing Fanteam customer, the NFL FULL SEASON 2022-23 Game can be found in the Lobby, or by clicking here.

At this stage, you can start to build your team using your 135M budget, but remember, you can make unlimited changes to your team, for free, until the contest starts on Friday the 9th of September at 01:20BST/02:20CET.

The first set of player price changes will not change occur until after Gameweek 6 has ended – this allows you to plan weeks ahead, without having to worry about team budget and price changes.

Once you’re happy with your 9-man team, submit your team for an entry fee of just £10/€11.77 – remember, each Fanteam customer can enter up to a maximum of 10 teams, should you wish to multi-enter and play different strategies.

To get involved and enter a team, please click here or the banner below

fanteam - NFL £10,000 FANTASY FOOTBALL season game - starts september 9th 2022

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