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Fantasy NBA Regular Season game 2022/23 – Introducing the new age of NBA Fantasy

Our NBA season game is back for the new season, with a brand new twist! Forget the overwhelming daily Gameweeks that required you to be on top of the news and play the day-to-day schedule for 6+ months! 

With our new setup, Gameweeks have become weekly, with the transfer deadlines being every Monday, and only the best score of the week counts for each player!

The setup: 25 Weekly Gameweeks

Starting with this season, NBA will work in a similar fashion to our other season games of other sports. Each calendar week is now a separate Gameweek, with teams playing multiple games during the week.

Mondays are the key days of the week for this game. Every Gameweek starts with Monday’s games and ends with Sunday’s games. If there are no matches scheduled on a Monday, then Tuesday will mark the start of that Gameweek. 

New feature: Best score counts

As the NBA schedule will see teams playing anywhere between 2 to 5 games per week each, we had to develop a way to ensure that “playing the schedule” by maximizing matches per team is not the dominant strategy.

For this reason, we are introducing a new rule that will ensure that each fantasy team scores points for the same amount of matches. “Best score counts” looks for the highest score of a player for each Gameweek among all the matches that he plays, and only counts that as his fantasy points for the week.

For example, the LA Lakers play 3 matches in Gameweek 1. If LeBron James scores 31 fantasy points in his first match, takes a rest in the second (0 points), and scores 55 points in the third match, then his score for the Gameweek will be 55 points (top performance)

The format: 9 players

The format of your squad will remain the same as in the previous season. You have to pick 9 players in total: 2 Point Guards, 2 Shooting Guards, 2 Small Forwards, 2 Power Forwards, and 1 Center. 

There is no bench, no captains, and you can own a maximum of 3 players from each team.

Free Transfers: 1 per week

Each Gameweek you will be granted 1 Free Transfer to use on your team. This season, there is no limit on how many unused Free Transfers you can save up for later Gameweeks.

Additional transfers carry a penalty of -12 fantasy points per transfer.

Wildcards: 1

A Wildcard enables you to make unlimited transfers in a Gameweek, for no additional cost.

There is one wildcard available, which can be used at any time.

Please note that activating a wildcard will reset your Free Transfers balance, so you will lose any unused transfers when you enable it.

Player price changes

This season, changes in players’ prices will happen on a weekly basis. Price changes will happen every Thursday, except during the first week and the week of the All-Star break. We may also not change prices in case of a week with a major interruption in the schedule.

There will be up to 20 price rises and 20 price drops per week. The maximum change per player will be 0.5M. Price changes will be based on recent performance and the expected performance in the upcoming days.

Safety net is enabled

Your player got injured and didn’t compete? Don’t worry! This season the safety net for basketball is enabled for the season game.

If a player doesn’t participate at all during the Gameweek, he will be automatically replaced by a player from the same position, with an equal or lower price. Replacement players will be selected from any team, ensuring of course that you never have more than 3 players from each team.

Postponed & Abandoned matches

With the new weekly setup, these cases will be much less impactful to the season game. Any game that is not played at all will be moved to a later Gameweek according to the NBA schedule. If a match is abandoned mid-game, and not completed at a later date, the players will keep the points they accumulated up to the point of the interruption.

Cost and Prizes

The entry cost for the tournament is set at €11, with €9.24 contributing to the prize pool for each entry. 

Each user is allowed to enter up to 10 entries.

The prize pool will be a minimum of €20,000 Guaranteed with a progressive structure. This means that if more than 2,165 teams are entered, the prize pool will grow accordingly, with no limit on how many teams can enter the contest.

No Late Registration – Deadline October 18th

Make sure that you enter the contest in time because this year there will be no Late Registration period!

Tuesday night (October 18th) is the day to mark on your calendar. Draft your team that night, as the NBA Season starts with the Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers match in the AM hours (19th – 01:30 CET).

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