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New fantasy format: Pairs 

We are excited to bring you our brand new fantasy format, called Pairs.

It’s as simple as it sounds – pick two players with an unlimited budget, and try to score the most points while being unique! 

Prizes: Top 3 ranks paid: 

 50% of the prizepool

 30% of the prizepool

 20% of the prizepool

Special tie-breaking rule:

In this format, teams that are tied at the same rank will share this rank’s prize equally. For example, in a tournament with a total prize pool of €1,000, if 3 teams tie for the 2nd place that pays out €300, they will each win €100, and the 3rd place prize (€200) will be distributed to the teams that scored the 3rd most points.

Why does it matter to be unique?

With this unique payout structure, you could finish 2nd or 3rd with a low-owned Pair and win a bigger prize than the teams that share the 1st place with a very popular Pair! It all depends on how original (unique) your team was. Similar to our popular Star Pick format, picking a unique Pair will give you a shot at winning a large portion of the total prizes!

In which games will you offer Pairs?

Every evening during the World Cup we will be featuring one Pairs event for the last game of the day, starting with USA-Wales on Monday which is already in the lobby! There will be various buy-in levels, starting as low as £1. 

Will Pairs replace Pursuit?

No. Pairs is a separate game that will run in parallel with our daily single-match Pursuit games. Check out our full World Cup 2022 calendar to view all our planned events!

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