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Star Pick World Cup Quarter Final Game

We’ve reached the Quarter-Final stage of the World Cup and there are some mouth watering matches coming up over the next few days.

We are going HUGE with a £10,000 guaranteed Star Pick Quarter-Final round game that will provide even more intrigue and interest to the Quarter-Final stages. 

Star Pick is a game where its beauty and excitement is held in its simplicity. Outsmart your opponents for a chance to turn a small entry fee into big winnings. There is even a chance to turn £2 into £10,000 if you can pick a unique winner, find out more below.

How does the Star Pick World Cup Quarter-Final game work?

In Star Pick you need to only pick ONE player that you think could score the highest amount of points over the contest, so in this case the player who scores the most points over the four quarter-final ties. 

If your chosen player gets the highest fantasy score over the Star Pick World Cup Quarter-Final contest, you will win the prize pool, along with the other managers who chose that player or a player who also got the same top score as your pick. 

The key to this game is out-thinking your opponents. The lower owned a player is, the more you stand to win if they score the most points in the Star Pick contest. 

So, do you bet on the big-name player (Kylian Mbappe, for example) and have a better chance of a win, or, do you go against the grain with a more outside pick (Daley Blind, for example) and gamble for a bigger payday.

Decisions, decisions…

What scoring system will you use?

Players will score and accrue points as they would in the standard format of fantasy contests on FanTeam.

A full breakdown of the scoring rules can be found by clicking on the ‘Scoring System’ button inside the Star Pick World Cup Quarter Final contest itself.

Will the Star Pick contests have a budget?

There is no budget in Star Pick. You can pick any player from the slate, without restriction. 

Players will still be ordered from the highest to the lowest price to show you who is expected to score the most fantasy points, just like in our fantasy contests – but you can pick any player you like.

What if a player doesn’t start? 

Safety-net is enabled for this contest.

All non-starting players will be replaced at the beginning of their match, if there is a player from the same country, in the same position, with an equal or cheaper price. The closest price will be chosen first.

Can I enter a Star Pick contest more than once?

Yes. This contest has a 10-max entries rule.

Also, a user can bet on the same player multiple times if they so wish. For example, you can enter Harry Kane to be the highest-scoring player 10 times – giving you 10 shares of the prize pool, should he be the highest-scoring player of the Star Pick Quarter Final contest.

What if multiple players tie for 1st place?

If two or more selected players end the contest with exactly the same points, then they will split the prize between all those that chose those players.  

Also, note that there will always be a winner in a Star Pick contest. If no one picks the highest point scorer for the contest, then the prize pool will go to the highest-scoring player(s) who has been picked.

How do we calculate the prizes?

The total prize pool will be distributed to the entry or entries that correctly pick the player with the highest score in the Star Pick contest.

For example £10,000 total prize pool

– 1 user picks the highest points scorer = wins £10,000

– 10 users pick the highest points scorer = win £1000 each

– 100 users pick the highest points scorer = win £100 each

Other than that, all general fantasy rules for each respective sport will apply to star pick – see our support pages for more information on each respective sport.

We hope this game is going to bring even more excitement to this round of the World Cup. A quick and simple game to go alongside our regular fantasy options. Root for your Star Pick to bring home the money.

You can click to view the World Cup Quarter-Final game here, or by clicking the banner below.

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