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Fanteams daily fantasy MMA puts you closer to the matches than ever before. Draft a lineup of football players while staying within the salary cap. Then watch as they rack up points for goals, assists, clean sheets and more during the games. If your team scores enough points, you’ll win cash prizes — even if you don’t come in first.

Win big cash prizes in fantasy tournaments

Win even if you don’t come first.

Play daily, season-long, or player matchup contests.

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  • More than 50 different leagues & sports
  • Play in the largest daily fantasy tournaments in Europe

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Create an account online.


Choose a contests and draft from all the stars of your preferred league.


Sit back and enjoy the live-feed as your lineup brings home the cash prizes.

Looking for daily and Season-long contests? We've got Both.

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Get in the Game with Daily Fantasy MMA on Fanteam


Industry Leader

Fanteam is Europe’s biggest daily fantasy site in Europe. More than 50 different leagues & sports.


Play Your Way

With daily, season-long, and player matchup contests, we’ve got something for every fantasy football player.


Beginner Friendly

Choose from free or paid contests and win cash prizes without deposit in our beginner freerolls.


Play on any device

Available and optimized for all browsers. A dedicated app will be released soon.


non-stop excitement

From lining up your team, following the real-time tournament updates to watch the final results, Fanteam keeps you sweating.


More Winnings

Fanteam offers open tournaments with €300.000 in guaranteed prize-money every week.

Daily Fantasy MMA on Fanteam


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